Wedding of Jenny and Vincent

It was 4/5/2012. I was invited along with Yen to attend a wedding in Melaka (of all places, my hometown). Yen was a friend of the bride, and here I am back to Melaka, the historical state which have changed over the years and I was lost at the road. Also this is one of the many weddings that will be showcased in the month of weddings.

Being in Melaka has made me realized how long I haven’t been here except maybe once a year. Driving there was an experience that I have never really tried due to the roads being one way.

Anyway, getting back to the wedding. Since Yen is a friend of Jenny’s, I got the pleasure of photographing the bride in her splendor, the makeup session. Below are mostly photos of Jenny

Jenny Chee Make Up

Surprisingly this photo has brought upon my enthusiasm back to take photos once again and to do it properly. As I was not the official photographer, I was only the come-see-shoot photographer person, I did not expect to be shooting most of the photos. Well, this changed the whole thing and yes, I was glad in making new friends.

The bride was smiling so brightly.

jenny smiling brightly

Thank you for the bright smile.


Jenny and the Bridesmaids

Well, the privilege of being in the room together with the bride to await the groom while they are outside is an exceptional experience as I would have time to take personal photos of the bride and also when the groom comes into the room. Here are some photos depicting this.

Jenny's Bridal Photo

Well, there are more shots of these in my Facebook, also there will be a few showcase of these photos in my Photo Blog and showcase of post processing. While waiting for the bridegroom to arrive, I was given the opportunity to take photos naturally while the bride was doing something else.

Jenny Waits for Groom

Finally, after hours (okay, it was maybe half and hour) the groom Vincent appears to collect his bride. What a day it has become.

Vincent the Bridegroom Appears

There are many more photos where these came from. Here are only some notable snapshots selected for this blog for readers view and honorable mentions.

Funny Moments Jenny and Vincent

Some lighter moments for the couple.

Congratulations Jenny Chee and Vincent Gan.

If anyone needs my help in photo shooting, do contact me by clicking the Contact Me page either here or at my Photo Page at Daniel Chew Photography.


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