Wedding of Jenny and Zhong

Congratulations once again to Jenny and Zhong Jye (their playful names) for their wedding that was held in Melaka town of Malaysia. It was a hot Sunday morning and this time I have the opportunity to shoot the process outside where the ‘hengdais’ (bros) will go through the jimui’s game.  So in other words, this time it will be more on the groom side of the story.

As I was not the official photographer, I will select some few photos for the benefit and memory for the couple. It was a great privilege for us to be there.

groom arrival

The groom arrived in a blue car. Shot this shot behind a grilled fence. Made use of the striking color of the car and the reflection of the ‘young one’ to open the door, taken at the nick of time. Considering that the main photographer got the other angle of the door opening, I decided to experiment on this side.

Like I said it was a very hot Sunday morning, but the groom and his group of brothers are all anxious. The expressions are priceless at times.

groom awaiting task

The guys are awaiting for the games to begin while listening to instructions from the girls. As with all Chinese weddings, angpao is an important element.

angpao giving

Look at how hard their hands were holding on the angpao. The power of angpaos is not to be played.

hengdai game

Playing games has been one of those Chinese rituals and trust me there are quite a number of them.

groom pose

The brothers play the game while the groom is all ready for the next challenge.

purple rose

You must be wondering why lots of picture of the flowers? Yeah, they are pretty but there is also another reason. It is the color purple. Guess why?

jimui hengdai

Taking photos is all about getting expressions and emotions. This is something which I learn during the time I have been taking photos.

Finally thanks for having us there once again. Now why purple? Why?

groom bride

Cause the bride’s favorite color is purple. Congratulations once again to the both of them.

If you need a part time photographer who loves taking photos and if you enjoy my photos and wanted to see more of them, do message me.


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