Wedding of Siew Peng and Ronnie

This post seems late, but nevertheless, I have to highlight this. Well, attended Siew Peng’s and Ronnie’s wedding. Surprisingly the food served was all vegetarian. Imagine eating vegetarian shark fin’s soup, vegetarian prawn, vegetarian jellyfish. My eyes rolled when I found out everything was vegetarian.

So who were the bride and groom?

Ronnie and Siew Peng

Yup, this is the best I can do with a 50mm and with many people blocking. No flash was fired. So as in all weddings, it’s always good to take group pictures. Of course, the setting of that place was beautiful.


As there’s nothing much to say, here are the group photos.

Group Photo TARC and Others

Hmmm.. where am I? I was the one taking this photograph. So I need to get myself in too.

2nd Group with DanielCtw

Hmm, don’t really know who are the 2 girls in the middle though, so I don’t think I want to compile a list of names here. Last but not least, the ‘jimui’ gang.

Jimui photos with Bride

Hmmm.. finally. So who’s the next one? Ho ho ho!!!

ps : Still drafting Tibet posts. It takes quite a while

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