Wedding of Benjamin and Priscilla

Congratulations once again Benjamin and Priscilla on your wedding at Jalan Imbi Chapel. It was a great pleasure to know that someone I knew since my Sunday School days is finally married. I was approached by the groom to be a backup photographer. Since he has an official photographer, my task was to capture some candid shots and some portraiture and fun shots.

Benjamin & Priscilla Serious

The advantage of being an unofficial photographer is that I could take what I see.

The wedding was held at a church thus ensuring that only lowlight is available. As flash is not allowed during the ceremony, the art of taking photos in the vicinity is tricky. Bumping up the ISO is definitely a must, shooting photos without a higher aperture on your lens is definitely tough too.

Benjamin Priscilla Thumbprint Tree

Times has changed and everyone of us got older. So do the groom and bride. With every wedding in the church there is always the best man, the bridesmaid and the flower girl(s).

Flower Girls

The flower girls are a delight as they lay await to for the ceremony to take place. Using flash in this situation is a must as the outside is bright.

The moment the bride came in, everyone was well prepared with their cameras. I just have to make do with the space allotted since the official photographer was around there all the time.

Bride Goes In

It has been awhile since I took photo of props during a wedding. One of the things one can shoot is usually the dolls one put at the car.

beary couple priscilla benjamin

These 2 bears sat in the middle of the driver seat. Shot was tricky with bright lights. Post processed was done in order to get the color for the blouse of the bear.

The dinner was held at Banker’s Club. One of the lighter moments spotted.

benjamin priscilla wedding candid

Once again lighting for the location was not suitable (armed with only my 55-200mm VR lens), that was the best I could do. Still got to save for the Nikkor 70-200mm f2.8 VR2 (which have been quite few years back that I mentioned it).

Sorry bro, for not taking more shots. Sorry bro, for ‘orange-ing’ most of the photos here with a filter. Sorry bro, for shooting in low light condition.

wedding cake benjamin priscilla

Last but not least, have a great marriage. Peace out from this blogger here.


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