Wedding of David and Melissa

The wedding of David and Melissa has already taken place like a month ago and I finally had the time to blog about my best friend’s wedding. Well, unfortunately, I did not have a bunch of photos as I was one of his “Heng Dais” which meant brothers or his bro.

What a bro does?

A bro does what he has to do. During the wedding day, a bro (that is me with a bunch of others) would be following alongside the groom towards his goal which is the bride’s place. Once there, we would have to go through several obstacles prepared by the bride’s “ji mui” or rather her sisters or girls. After going through obstacles like eating a biscuit with a mountain of wasabi (I seriously put in the whole biscuit in my mouth and regretted doing it), having my butt kicked, taking sweets from tomato ketchup using only my mouth, taking the door key from a pail of ice water using only our toes, we can assume our job is done. The groom would then proceed to do his thing for the bride.

What have I learnt?

Yes, it was my first time being a bro on someone’s wedding and it was a tad bit interesting. Well, seeing that I was the bro, I only got a few shots of the couple.

David Melissa Wedding

Took this shot after all those obstacles. Well, congratulations to the both of you. Remember to come out for a drink. After going through all those it was time to go to the church for the wedding vows.

I did not get too much shots of the wedding but I guessed David was so enthusiastic about it.

David Chong Wedding Enthusiast Facet

AHAHAHA!!! Imagine his look on my wide angle lens.

Well, time for some expressions on the way during the wedding procession. There were times of laughter, times of sadness, times of different expressions from the couple. (No worries David, ain’t gonna put your special expression on the Internet… unless….ehehe )

David Melissa Expression

Armed with only a 55-200mm VR lens, there were tonnes of photo which didn’t work out. Well, at least it was sharp enough to get a few shots.

Want to know what they are smiling at? Well, this happened right after the following photo.

David Melissa Kiss

Awwww… the sweetest thing. Caught on camera and cropped for added focus. Altogether congratulations once again David Chong and Melissa Wong.

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