Old Gone New Come

Heard the saying “The Old Has Gone, The New Has Come“. It seems it’s never too late to understand. Times has been bad, though it’s supposed to be Chinese New Year, lotsa stuffs has gone thru my mind. It feels so different altogether.

It’s been awhile since I really wrote full text, even the previous post has been very textual. Well, I am sorry to disappoint you people once again, but humans are indeed human. At a certain point of time, I felt the world is crumbling, due to the many issues I must face right now. Time is not right and a small crisis is coming in the following month. Guess I will disappear from the public but not much from the blogging world. By the way, I am not in an emo state, I only wished that I’ll get the support I need.

But for my loyal readers, after this time of conscience seeking, I’ll promise I’ll be back with a bang. For now here’s some part of the photos I took while traveling on the way back to my hometown in Melaka.

On The Road In Melaka
Taken through the dashboard of the Car

Mystical Clouds
Mystical Clouds on the Journey

Ducks Closeup
Those days when I used to chased the farm animals…

Well, to those I haven’t wished once again, thanks and Have a Happy Chinese New Year 2008 and thank you all for those that sent sms greetings until my phone memory kaboom. Thanks a lot.


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