Month of Weddings

I think end of the year, weddings are pretty common. Well, why do I say that? Of course, when I have already attended a few weddings though, not all comes with photos as it’ll be mighty inconvenient for me to carry my camera around all the time.

Though tomorrow’s Bak Kut Teh. 😛 Anyway some of you who have been following my progress here have noticed one of the wedding’s I have attended at Cyberview Lodge in Cyberjaya. Yes. Nothing out of the ordinary, – I mean the dressing.

Wedding Photo

Now that was the previous post, but recently I have also attended one in Malacca which the dressing was very Baba Nyonya like. They dress in a cultural way. This is something different. Well, for those people who don’t know about it, this is what it means.

Peranakan Baba Nyonya Style Wedding

Look at the traditional costume. Though coming from the Straits of Malacca, it’s where those people we talk with, even for those in Chinese Ethnic, we talk in Malay. But I love this shot most of all. Ta dah….

Cute Young Ones

It seems that year end is really a wedding manifestation. Well, not that I don’t condone or anything, but then this got me thinking about my own life too. Anywayz, I think before I even think that far ahead, first I got to get off my single-life hood. Well, not that I don’t enjoy being single, but this is another stage of life which usually everyone goes through.

Heck, I guessed the Saturday night influence is still on, and here I am again, thinking lots and lots of things. Guessed I better get some sleep. Oh that reminds me, another wedding in December. OMG!!!!


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