Mountain Climbing Experience

OMG… Today’s the 11th April.
Man…and yeah, it’s a public holiday over here in Malaysia. (Though I am arrogant enough to not know what’s the holiday occasion for)

Bukit Tabur 2012 Scenery

Getting up early in the morning at 8 AM today. Just to go for a Mountain Climb at Bukit Tabur(near Klang Gates) area. It was really a ‘syiok’ing experience considering we have to climb on quartz rocks. Yeah, forgot to mention it’s a quartz mountain. The whole thing took me along with a group for 3 hours. Might go there again.

Anyway Have a look.

Another View From The Summit – The Dam is below

And yes, I love outdoor activities. I am just crapping again. Anyway is just way weird.


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