The Wheels – Disco Roller Skating

How long has it been? 15 years? Yes….. freaking 15 years since I last roller skated or roller bladed and finally I agreed to go roller blading again. That’s where I found The Wheels, a Disco theme roller skating rink.

The Wheels Logo

Ehhhh.. wait, DISCO??? WHAT DISCO?? Yes, imagine a group of friends getting together and partying and discoing but all these are done on wheels (skates and roller blades). Sure is a nice touch to the feel. For someone like me who has left the disco environment for who knows how many long years, this brings me back to my college days.

Taken Using Canon Ixus 130

The Wheels Disco Skate Ring

My first thought was IS THIS REALLY A SKATING RINK? We (yes, I did say we) were welcomed with techno music that suddenly made me felt like I was high in dancing mode. Then I realized it’s only a disco themed skating place, what more has this place got to offer? Then I saw that Ahhhh… they have disco themed roller skates and roller blades too.

Roller Blades with LED Disco Lights

What do I mean by that? Look at the other one, the one without the lights? There’s a battery there? Battery powered roller blades, now if only they gave me a speed boost.

Just so that I tell you, I was a noob in roller blading, heck I even forgotten to tie the shoelaces all the way to the top that I lost my balance so many times. Another thing is that they have a locker for rent in order to keep your belongings. Nice!

So who are the We? It’s The Weird One, Daniel Chew and Yen of course. Who else?

DanielCtw and Yen Skating

Now who said people like me can’t skate?

Of course, where the heck is this place? It’s at The Wheels and it’s at Subang Avenue.

Here are the details of the skating place.

The Wheels – Disco Roller Skating
Jalan Lot S4.01

Subang Avenue Shopping Mall
SS16/1, Subang Jaya

Original Price: RM25 for a whole day
Largest roller skating rink in Malaysia 16,000 square feet
Free rental of roller blades and roller skates
Music and LED lights concept while skating
Build in LED lights on skating shoes
Suitable for friends day out and family day.

Pricing for the Wheels Skating Rink

Notice the price list given above. Well, too good to be true? Wait till you see what else they have to offer. As it has just been opened recently, there’s a promotion going on. Instead of paying RM25 like other people would have paid, you only have to pay 50% off it’s original price. That’s only RM12 for the WHOLE DAY!

Okay, I lied when I said I just so happened to have the urge to go skating and suddenly just bumped into The Wheels. Basically it’s all thanks to for allowing us to have a free time at The Wheels. They have these amazing deal and like I said, we can now buy the whole day pass and you can get it at So Get The Deal with only RM12 for the whole day at Of course, this deal last from 3 – 8 Feb 2011, so get it quick. multiple vouchers can be purchase so buy it as gifts or host a party at the Skating Rink!

Hahah Logo

Though I’ve always wondered how come Hahah is spelt with an additional ‘H’? Well that’s for you people to find out. When I look at the photo, I realized that the extra H goes well with the logo. Well, maybe that’s my weird intuition.

As of now, every website usually has its own facebook site, and Hahah is also the same. Hop on to their FaceBook page (which has 25k fans currently) and find out their latest deals.

Crap, forgot to say that this Hahah has something called the Rewards Multiplier. What it means? We understand that Hahah offers 50% off this deal for The Wheels. But….. for after 20 units are sold a free mineral bottle will be given. So the more people buy, the better the deals.

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