Graduates Are Coming Out

It’s going to be that time of the year soon. More and more graduates are coming out from their respective universities, more challenges awaited them, and more challenges awaits those in the working field. The time where all the working people are so going to say, what… new competitors for my post.

Though all this can be countered upon by doing a little bit skill upgrades and making sure that you’re worthy to be retained.

I still remember the first few days when I was studying in the college and the day of graduation came. Syioknessss….. It was the time I can finally stop studying and get on to the real business.

Graduation Ceremony

Many years have passed since then, and by the time you know it, where are your fellow friends during those days in college. Especially in a big town like KL, you’ll have friends from all over the city. From north, south, west and east. With the timetable all being so tied up, most of them aren’t that free, same goes to me too.

You know, it’s easier to stay in touch with your friends of your school, college, university when you’re living close or rather in the same housing estate. Well, though I also had a problem doing that with those in my class during my secondary school years. LOL… I used to be in the science stream but then I hardly mix around during that age.

Some people say,
“Friends come and go”
but how about
“Friends that come and are around when you needed them”

Anyway that’s another topic. I tend to go off topic at times.

Seeing that once someone graduates, it’s fun. Well, until the time they started working. They’ll dread their life to be able to go back to studies once again. Why, there’s no office politics, no crazy idiotic bosses telling you that you’ve haven’t finished what they’ve instructed you to do (though actually you know nothing about) and worse come to worst, you’re being put into a danger zone by all your colleagues and managers.

danielctw gaining weight

“That sucks wei~~~”

So have I done enough to scare the graduates. LOL… Well, that’s life I supposed. But it’s funny though, why the heck in Malaysia, is there still many jobless graduates. Well, something is wrong here, though I wouldn’t want to point fingers. It could be the education or rather the people and soft skills of the graduates.

Damn the ruthless and lousiness.

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