Regret Not for Wanting Not

I’ve Known You For So Long
Suddenly Feeling No Where To Belong
Lost that Feeling When You Came Along
I guessed it’s Farewell All Day Long

You know, I have a hefty scenario here, which I would think might interest a few people here. Well, it’s time for me to talk about relationships again. haaa… you didn’t know it? I love to blog about this topic and try to get public’s thought about it. Besides it’s fun to learn and share with each another.

Well, I am sure some of you have this predicament during those years, that either you’ve made a slow decision or one waited too long.. Still don’t get it, basically one regrets and looks back at the time if only I had made the move, then I wouldn’t have to sit and think back all the time one wasted during those years. This is one I heard from someone during my college years. This is what she said when I finally messaged her through ICQ (yeah.. I live in the ICQ age).

“How come now only you’ve contacted me? If only you were that bold last time!!”

Okay.. I was sweating. Imagine this, I actually did fall for her during high school years, but those days.. I was never meant to pursue in a relationship. In a way, this experience has given me a little bit impression of how important it is to be bold in one’s decision. Sadly, sometimes it doesn’t always work and listening to what one had learn previously.

Since I am so nice this time, how about I give you a scenario. Debate if you like, but I would like to hear your opinions.

A guy (let’s call him Jim) was someone who had a fun single life. Though one day, he met someone who he fell for which was a girl , (call her Eve). Both of them met in a group gathering, (which usually how it all started) and slowly Jim developed feelings for Eve. But you see, Jim had trouble approaching until one fine day he decided enough is enough.. he will approach her and tell Eve how he felt. (“happy right??”)

The story doesn’t end here though. Just when he thought the day was right, Jim had it all planned out to go meet Eve the following week, he was shocked to hear someone came ahead of him a few days earlier and that person is together with Eve. Okay… Jim was suddenly feeling all awkward and all plans failed.

So now, the question to you guys/gals. What should Jim do???

Fuhhhhh… finally wrote something longer. Oh yeah… if you wanted it to be more dramatic and just love to put me in the scenario, then just substitute Jim with me and Eve with Jolin 😀 HAHAAHHAA!!! Fake OK!!


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