WWD is Glambert-fied.

He’s THE saint of all suaveness and hotness.

Every teenage girl (exception for me and a few others who are older)’s Edward Cullen.

He’s, I dare say, almost every girl’s secret fantasy perfect boyfriend.

Oooh, yet it buuuurrrrnnnssss (Excuse me on this, been listening to too much of ‘Ring Of Fire’, go youtube that, awesome song) when controversial pictures of him WITH another guy started surfacing. Of course it broke many little girls’ hearts but hey, it’s the 21st century now yo. Who cares about sexual preference ambiguity? Guys with eyeliner is almost as common as your ‘Friends’ reruns almost everyday on StarWorld.

Besides, it all boils down to vocal talent right?

Uh hmm. I’m sure by now you’re wondering who the heck I’ve been going on about… So here he is..


I’m not sure whether you guys watch American Idol buttttttt zomg, if you haven’t heard of who ADAM LAMBERT is, you’ve been living under the rock. Seriously.

Another one to refresh your rusty old memory if you watched American Idol and actually forgot who he was. -_-

Adam does disco week! =)

Heh. He’s the front runner now in the show. WATCH AMERICAN IDOL for him okay. (:

Oh, AI didn’t pay me to promote the show here. Oh well, not like they’d get any profit from here anyway since we can’t even vote. Wokay. I shall declare that:

Weird Weird Denial is officially GLAMBERT-fied. (Yes, I just came up with the word. haha)

Heh. Not bad for a filler post when Daniel’s away from his blog right? EH WAIT, SCRATCH THAT, THIS IS NOT JUST A FILLER POST. This is a special one. Woot. I shall stop before my inner monstrous fan girl self rears its ugly head. Hic. No, I’m not high.

Signing off, Swei. 😀

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