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Tried Facebook as to how old I really am? I am 24! Woah~~~~


I found out that I am missing a small part of my youth. You know youth, when they go hang out with their pals and do crazy stuffs with their ever energetic energy is like they never run out of steam. One thing though, I finally had my first club experience in Jakarta and never did I thought I will try it again in Malaysia.

So now I think why not any place but Mist Club in Bangsar. Surprisingly I had a taste of where is Mist Club situated. Yes, Bangsar nevertheless and since it was opened recently, I am impressed with the location. I’ve got to experience the atmosphere there when the Malaysia Dream Girls were there. Have a look at the club then.

Mist Club Avenue K

The entrance or rather the building itself is situated opposite NST building. I was shocked when I found out about it. Of course if you would like to know more about Mist Club you can actually visit the club’s website here and you will know about the latest events they have there.  I love the bar there, and it’ll be a good time to drown myself with RM1 of beer. I mean how many places, give RM1 beer drinks… woahhh

Mist Club Entrance

This is the grand entrance to Mist Club or rather the main gate, but so far what I know is that Mist Club entrance that I went was the one on the side. So I ain’t sure but I am sure they have very nice decorations on the outside. Now can I have my invites to the grand opening of Mist Club. I haven’t had enough of my party in this new club.

Disco Lights Mist CLub

I am so gonna try try to get my hands on this invite. So can the people in Mist Club come have me have my glass of Carlsberg like I tried that day. I am a fan of Carlsberg.. well expected of a Liverpool fan.


When Liverpool trounce Manchester United 4 – 1 in Old Trafford, it really made my day.

Here’s the banner for this thingy.

Mist CLub

Mist CLub

ps : Of course, the post about the Malaysia Dream Girls will be out in awhile.

So here’s a sneak peek.

Malaysia Dream Girls 2009 Sneek Peek

Malaysia Dream Girls 2009 Sneek Peek


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