A Holiday Villa Subang Pre-New Year Dinner Treat

Just a week back (Ahhh… yes… the memories of the food) I was invited to had a preview and taste and a special treat from Holiday Villa Hotel & Suites located in Subang, Malaysia. Why? How?? I didn’t know until I found out that whoa…..

Holiday Villa Facebook Page

This was mentioned on their Facebook page. It says I won a treat by Holiday Villa Hotels & Resorts and is in for a night of great food, good company & simple fun. Here is the close up of the photo. Well, I am sure there are more to come from Holiday Villa on their Facebook page. Of course this food preview was actually a preview of what’s to be offered on the 31st December 2010.

Lucky Winners

So it was Merryn Tan, Kian Fai and THE WEIRD ONE (ME) who will be dining there and dined did we. Now enough of the talk. Let’s get on with the show, errr… I meant food.

Holiday Villa Subang

Opps.. this ain’t food. Well, just showing the surroundings around there. Since it’s dinner time, there are lights all around.

So now we have our first food for the night…. TA DAH….

Ice Decoration

Hey, this is no food. This is merely a decoration with oranges. Not just any mere decoration. It’s made of ICE. Yes, ice that’s slowly melting due to the light shining towards it. Such excellent masterpiece.

Finally I couldn’t take it anymore and I went to have my food after the opening speech by the organizer in charge. The first thing that brought my eyes to was the pastry area. Well, since it’s a poolside dinner and the most visible ones are beside the poolside and beside where I was sitting.

Bread Galore Holiday Villa

Bread comes in every shape and sizes. Strange enough, I did something else instead of eating it there and then. This was what I did.

Bread Spiral

Huh? What is this shot? Before this photo, look at the right side. You’ll noticed where this shot actually came about. Yes, so I can’t resist taking weird photos.

Now being a person to start with desserts it’s kind of different. Well, one good thing is that while everyone is queuing up to get the main dish, no one will fight for the queue when you start with dessert. So that’s where I was headed.

Cake Pastry

Cakes! Yes, and it’s Chocolate too. A favorite of mine. There are so many pastries and cakes out there, it’s extremely difficult to put everything of them in this post.

Now here are somethings to note. Let’s visit the food by their locality.


Holiday Villa Asian Cuisine

Yes, local Asian Cuisine. You have chinese style noodles and other Asian food that day. Seeing Asian food though, there are many varieties.

Holiday Villa Indian Food

One of them is an Indian Food variety. If you’re a fan of mamak food and Roti Naan or Tandoori Chicken, you’ll know what this “BIG POT” is. Yes, it’s all natural fire in there and here it is, 2 bread is being cooked on top of it. Authentic food to say the least. Fresh from the open oven.

When one say Asian Food, one cannot forget about JAPANESE FOOD.

Holiday Villa Japanese Food

Yes, that’s Mr Takashi making the Temaki (Hand Rolled). Te means Hand in Japanese. How to write it. 手 (Kanji) or て(Hiragana) for ‘Te‘. Yes, I was surprised. They brought in a Japanese chef to prepare their Japanese food. That’s the quality you can get from here. Now as a fan of Japanese food, you bet that I took most of the food from the Japanese food section. *Evil laughter*

Next up….


Holiday Villa Turkey

In lieu and in the spirit of Christmas and also Thanksgiving (a few days back), we had TURKEY. Ahhh… directly served straight from the whole turkey. What can I say about this? Impressed me a lot, the meat was so tender and cooked based on the expectation I had or rather much better than I expected. Definitely had seconds for this. Though had to keep my stomach for some other food tasting.

Holiday Villa Roasted Lamb

I also had Roasted Lamb (BBQ Lamb) and we can see it being prepared directly on top of a fire. Now that’s what I call fresh meat. The person doing the cooking was patient enough with me and even made a few fire to spark off from the fire place to help me take this shot. Verdict : The meat from this was cooked well. I love lamb.

There are other meat that I didn’t get to take photos of like the Beef, Chicken and other cutlery and meat dishes. Those posted are the few notable ones. Of course with so many meat being consumed, I need to have something refreshing and what a good idea then to head on to the dessert table and have a bowl of ice ball (Ice Kacang) with lots of ingredients thrown into it.

Holiday Villa Dessert

Of course, the end result is not that presentable but what’s more important is how tasty it is. Why do I say that? Ice melts, thus I delayed my shot till later and looked what it became.

My Ice Kacang

Still nevertheless, superbly refreshing and cooling and look at the amount of ingredients in it.

Last but not least, let’s have a look at another category.


Holiday Villa Seafood Clam

Another favorite of mine, seafood. This time we have clams, prawns, fish, crab and also oyster. Just look at the amount of clams here. Hey wait.. did I say Oysters????? You bet I did.

Holiday Villa Oysters

OYSTERS!!! I still remembered I last had Oysters a year ago and this time I get to eat it again. Though I wished one had a pearl in it so I could actually get RICH something out of it.

Somehow though, I felt that I shouldn’t eat so much if not later I would have problem walking back towards the car (Experienced it before and needed someone to support me yes…. I am a glutton). So this was all I took.

My two Oysters on my Plate

Two Oysters on my plate and that’s all I had. Though now I wished I had more.


Finally after all these food, you must be wondering how much will all this cost actually. Well, a normal buffet dinner would cost about RM70++. Ehh?? RM70++ with Oyster and lots of other varieties. Yes, you read it right.

Of course this whole thing wouldn’t be complete with a photo of the ones who got invited to the dinner. Alas the three of us took a shot and all thanks to Merryn.

Here are their links to this food review.
Kian FaiSneak Peak of New Year Eve Carnival (sneaky preview of food)
MerrynHoliday Villa Subang – New Year Eve Carnival BBQ Dinner 2010 (most food photos)

DanielCtw Merryn KianFai

Aside from that let’s see what would be in store upcoming New Year Eve Carnival BBQ Dinner at the Pool Side. Holiday Villa is definitely going all out to ensure that their guests would splendidly enjoy their dinner.

Here are some of their categories.

The Poetic Salad

  • December 19/41
  • The Ocean Wave
  • From the Wheat Farm
  • De La Soupiere
  • The Five Asian Wok
  • Charcoal Griller
  • The Carvery Station
  • The Tandoori Clay Oven
  • Thai Hot Stuff
  • D’Dusun
  • Sweet Agent
  • The Snow

One thing though, what I had was only 85% of what December 31st 2010 had to offer. I am missing out on some of the other delicacies. Well, of course I might also be going for the New Year Eve dinner. If you would like to go too, why not? It’s only RM111++ per person for the Poolside New Year Eve Carnival BBQ Dinner. Of course if you would like to have more information on this, here is the link to their site.

Holiday Villa Hotel & Suites Subang
9 Jalan SS12/1
47500 Subang Jaya
Selangor Darul Ehsan, Malaysia

Tel: (603) 5633 8788
Fax: (603) 5633 7499

Upcoming Preview: The 手巻き


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