When Can I Go To London

Yes, if you got me right. after all those trips, enough is never enough for me. Too bad I am always stuck in Asian countries (well you can count Australia as part of Asia since it’s like on it’s own and solitary). Some times I wonder how it feels like to go to other places, I mean somewhere outside of Asia.

I’ve been saying this many times, but I still wished to go to London. Well, no matter what, I think the most important thing is that I have the capital to even actually go there for a holiday. Though I think I’ll be spoilt for choice.

rembrandt hotel uk

My cousin used to study in UK that she travels to London and to tell me it was like 1 pound or 2 pounds per pizza is like… ehhh.. no fair. So staying in London, a place called The Rembrandt Hotel which is located near to Harrods and Knightsbridge. A rather glamor name to say it would be Rembrandt Hotel Knightsbridge. A 4 star hotel, price definitely high but a good place to stay and worth it’s price I think. What to do when the hotel is equipped with spa facilities *drools* and a swimming pool. Well, that’s coming from my cousin who used to stay there under the company expenses. Dang, why are all my cousins in UK and I am still stuck here.

So in order to be that successful, I guessed it’s time for me to ponder. I guessed I need to learn more from blogging rite, yeah? Just looking at the front door of the Rembrandt hotel makes me drool. Why can’t the standard here compete with the standards of hotels in London. Wargh…. no fair! no fair! Suddenly I felt so pissed off.


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