Staying In Tokyo

Hi guys…. after an absence from travelling for ย long long time, it is now time for one more before the year ends.

information board japan

So where to now? It has always been my dream since my school days to go to this place. I still remember when I was naive and innocent and not as weird as now. I was crazy about the culture, I only listen to their songs and can name you every songs sung by a group called SPEED. Yes you guess it. I am now in a land that I have yearn to come since schooling days. The land of the rising sun.

hotel horidome villa

The place where I am staying, Horidome Villa. The room that was given to me. The bathroom is kinda superb.

bathroom horidome villa

Okay, maybe it is just me. It really makes me go crazy. Anyway this is not what is different. In Japan there is something different in the hotel. Hmmmmmm…. hmmmm…. too bad it cost 1000 yen to buy the card. What card?

I believe the following photos will be able to let you think.

japan tv program guide

Daniel Chew signing off in a bathrobe.

Daniel Chew bathrobe

Live blogging at Tokyo. Time is now 3am. PS: It is freaking bright now, the sun is already rising.


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