Permatang Pauh Runway to By-Elections

First I want to rant, why oh why is it that where I am now is not having a holiday. No public holiday… NOOOO… and the hoo haass all in Permatang Pauh for the By-Election.

Another side note though, it’s not necessarily a compulsory public holiday for all though, as mentioned by Deputy Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib.

Najib 3D Glasses
Najib 3D Glasses

Quote from NST Online

“If it was for the people to come out and vote, then the private sector employees or factory workers could have been given one or two hours to exercise their right before returning to work.” – Najib

Now now now, though there are actually certain companies not observing the holiday because they need to service clients from around the globe and country and in a way it’s true too. Imagine a backlog for those not working. But let’s just say the hype about this by-election is more of actually putting Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim back into the parliament and the Dacing is trying it’s very best to prevent that from happening. With the Penang an opposition stronghold, it’ll be a task of a battle for the Barisan Nasional to wrest the seat out from the latter.

Though after a brief walkthrough background of who is going to contest the seat in Permatang Pauh under the Barisan Nasional, one must not write off Ariff Shah. Well, seemingly unknown until now (not really unknown, just that not as outspoken as others), he seems to be doing a great job going village after village. Funny though, that was what the opposition used to do in Penang years ago.

A man (known as Peh Moh) with the capability to speak Hokkien which is the native Chinese voters here who speak that dialect really is one of the many points. Unlike other politicians from the fray, the capability to have the first hand discussion with the public due to his master of language of both Mandarin and Hokkien helps the Chinese there to convey messages to him. Permatang Pauh though has a majority of Malay settlements and this is where the makeshift of the power struggle for Ariff Shah to convey over. Well, all in all the votes of the chinese there would be crucial to a point too.

The Makeshift Balance

Now the only thing if BN were to lose the seat, they should actually try to reduce the deficit loss they suffered during the General Election.

Another key point is the establishment of another party which could actually rocked apart the votes and practically bring some individual support out of the competition.


A win for Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim would be imminent for his grass roots in the contested seat. Though, sometimes it’s hard to predict the outcome of Malaysia’s politic saga with a vote can just downturn and go into another way. Malaysia Politics is never what it was, and I expect a good fight tomorrow.

Nevertheless, the only thing I am fuming about now is, Why am I getting no HOLIDAY??? ROARS!!!


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