Great Stay at AVANI Sepang Goldcoast Resort

AVANI Sepang Gold Coast Resort, formerly known as Golden Palm Tree Resort was crashed by this blogger a few weeks back. Though it’s name sake is Sepang, this area is known as part of Bagan Lalang. Being an avid travel blogger, this is one of those resorts which I do intend to stay along the Straits of Malacca. I still remembered many years ago I did visit Sepang Gold Coast (Bagan Lalang) with a group of blogger friends, it was awesome going back there again after all these years to find that it has changed and this resort is up.

This was the how that place used to look like based on this photo below dated 2008 taken from the previous post.

Bagan Lalang Scenery

Fast forward to the year 2014, which is like 6 years after, this is how the AVANI Sepang Resort looks like.

avani sepang exterior palm tree

The resort is shaped like a palm tree. Enough of the introduction let’s get on with what is inside.


Walked in with the luggage and was amazed to see lots of people on bicycles. Well, anyway reached the reception counter and was greeted by a friendly receptionist. I am amazed with the way they speak, very professional I can say.

avani resort fountain

Along the way to the reception counter, some structures caught my view. This time around the photos will be shot using Nikon D300 using Nikkor 50mm 1.4D. The Nikon D40 is now retired and more for family shots.

For someone like me who love the sea, this was definitely a place I would think it is how it is.

avani resort sepang

Though knowingly that it was the Straits of Malacca, I did not put any high hopes on the beauty of the sea but only for the environment. So far so good, the resorts are on poles and you can definitely hear the waves hitting against them.

My thoughts about the entrance till the villa

While walking from the main gate to the entrance, the setting was awesome. It was also convenient with a buggy fetching the guest to their respective villas. The hotel staffs were polite and friendly.

My rate: 9/10


As I arrived in the villa that I am staying, time for some self pose (it’s been awhile) at the Avani Resort.

Daniel Chew Avani Resort Pose

The sun was setting and what better timing to start taking photos. Bagan Lalang is also known for its Golden Sun (that is hence why the name Gold Coast).

Note: Yes, that is how I pretty much I look right now.

Sometimes being creative in your filters in your camera could be good for your photos. Try the blue filter or rather what they call Incandescent.

avani sunset blue filter

The villa is divided into few different categories. The one that I stayed was the on the branch. There are others which also have a bathtub in the villa (too bad mine was not).

avani resort villa room

The room was cozy and the lighting was adamant and good enough to have a good rest.

avani resort balcony

With a balcony facing the sea, one could not ask for more for a better view.

As with always with every hotel that one visits, it usually comes with complimentary water. I wonder how will the presentation be. Yes, sometimes these small things play a part in how the hotel welcomes the guest.

golden palm tree avani resort water complimentary

Amusing it was. After fidgeting with all the areas in the villa, without realizing, it was soon dark.

My thoughts about the villa

Good environment inside the villa with very adequate presentation for its guest. The concept is unique and the toiletries provided is top quality with lemongrass shampoo and shower gel. This setting is great for couples who wants to honeymoon here. Also, bathrobes are provided too which is splendid. One thing though, coffee and tea were provided but the kettle need to be requested before one could get one.

My rate : 8/10


avani resort main entrance

Night has arrived, time to look at Avani Resort in another dimension. As usual night shots are splendid if one has a tripod which so happens I have none on that day. Just have to make do with makeshift tripods such as beams and chairs.

avani resort sepang night exposure shot

How big is this resort? Time to find out but let us take some photos. This night exposure shot was shot from the beam of the fences around the walkway.

treadmill avani resort sepang gym

Whoa… a gym in this resort. Surprisingly there are many people who do use the gym and definitely one place to go check out if you like to sweat and build up those muscles. You might even bump into someone you could talk to. Ahemzz.. definitely a convenient for a gym person like me.

Outside the Villa of Bagan Lalang at Night

Even at night, there are still activities one can do. Gym is definitely one of them. Sometimes hearing the waves at the balcony is a good enough therapy. If only there was a common room for a game of board games, darts. That would have been a complete relaxation.

My rate: 7/10

It is time to call it a day after all those activities at night. So what is next?

Daniel Chew buggy Avani Resort

Take a ride on the buggy as this blogger Daniel Chew the Wanderer will bring you to what one can do on the following day.

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Staying in AVANI is great, if you can afford staying here. The pool is excellent. One of the best

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