Nora Danish at Sasa Colors Fragrance Award 2010

It was Friday, 1st October 2010 and it was Sasa Colors Fragrance Award 2010 in Sunway Pyramid. Considering that it’s also working day, some arrangements were made so that I could attend this event at 3pm. Well, little did I know that this was how the stage would look like though. Some recap, I got lost in Sunway Pyramid mall trying to find Starbucks as I hardly go to Sunway Pyramid. Looks like there were 2 Starbucks Coffee outlet and Sasa stage is just right below it. Sad case for me.

SASA Event 2010

This was how it looked like 1.5 hours before the event. Well, since it’s still mightily early.Then it was 3pm and finally it was all going to begin. Xandria Ooi came on stage and as always with bloggers and people from the media, too many people crowded around to take photos. I gave up taking a full front view of Xandria Ooi and instead just took a simple one instead. She is the emcee for the event.

Xandria Ooi on stage

Let’s see the stage in close up. Then you would be able to visualize where Xandria Ooi stood from the earlier picture.

Sasa Stage

Like everyone else, I had to make my presence felt at Sasa’s 3rd Fragrance Award event even if I don’t stand out. By the way, I find it strange as to why I am there. There should be more girls covering the event as it’s Sasa but am glad to know that there are actually men fragrance too.

DanielCtw signature in Sasa

Yes, that’s my signature (the glowing one) alongside other bloggers that were there. What I can see is that mine was the only male signature there. *cries*

As there are about 40+ bloggers and members of the media and VIP with cameras and videos, getting a clean shot is definitely painstaking. With the amount of people in a small area, it’s definitely hard. That’s because I love to take photos without the need to rush.

Sasa Fragrance Award 2010 Bloggers Table

Wonders why no one took a photo of these stuffs? Ahhh the bokeh, the Nikkor 50mm f/1.4D has served me well.

Anyway we were given a show by this gentleman here singing an old piece. Not a bad voice. Nice…

Guest Artiste Singing at Sasa Event 2010

Of course, realized he was wearing Armani Exchange. *coughs* Hey girls out there, look somewhere else okay. Of course, since this is a Fragrance Award, there is bound to be models parading the fragrances. Here are 2 good mediocre shots.

Sasa Fragrance Display by Models

Now if only no heads was blocking me when I was trying to take front view of these photos.

Model carrying Fragrance at Sasa Award Event 2010

Just look toward the left and you’ll know what I am talking about. What a waste eh.

Of course how were the fragrance voted then? An excerpt from the press release.

The panel of judges which comprises local celebrities such as Amber Chia (Top Model), Sazzy Falak & Nazril Idrus (Celebrity Couple), Awal Ashaari (TV Host) and Owen Yap (Award Winning TV Host) , contributed 40% of the points that went to determine the winning fragrances. The remaining 40% was contributed by the general public while the balance 20% was obtained from the results of fragrance sales tabulated up until 30 September 2010.

Sa Sa was pleased to announce the winners of the Fragrance Awards 2010 for the six award categories as follows:

  • Best Women’s Fragrance – Flora by Gucci from P&G PRESTIGE
  • Best Men’s Fragrance – Boss Bottled Night from P&G PRESTIGE
  • Best Couple Fragrance – Dsquared2 He Wood & She Wood from ITF
  • Fragrance Of The Year 2010 – DKNY Be Delicious Fresh Blossom from ADF
  • Special Colorscentsations Award – Free Spirit : Anna Sui Rock Me, Summer Love by P&G PRESTIGE
  • Online People’s Choice Award – Anna Sui Rock Me, Summer Love by P&G PRESTIGE

Now at least the vote is not that bias. Anyway what most people have been waiting for was an appearance by one of the cover faces of Sasa and that’s none other than Nora Danish.

Male Model and Nora Danish

Ahemz… how come this guy gets to let Nora Danish hold his arm. *Jealous* Since Daniel Chew here  is relatively unknown.

Nora Danish’s face could be seen all over for this promotion of Sasa and I must say, when she was there, she was interviewed by a few members of the media. The media are inclusive of

Nora Danish Sasa Interview with Chopp


Nora Danish Sasa Interview with 8TV


Guessed this is a life of a celebrity. Of course in this event I got to meet the bunch of bloggers whom I haven’t met for quite some time due to my time constraint. Good to meet new friends and old friends once again.

Girls Pose in Sasa
From Left: Voxinator Victoria, Hmmm… , Hmmmm…. , Coco

Sincerely would love to thank Voxinator Victoria Poh for inviting me to this special SASA event. Of course those people that know who the other 2 bloggers up there, do let me know okay. This time I didn’t make any appearance on my own camera. That’s good because I don’t want to mix in a guy photo towards the end. Okay… I lied. NOT!!


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