Bon Odori Festival 2010 in Shah Alam

It’s time to see how did the Bon Odori festival 2010 held in Shah Alam went by. Well, this post actually continued from my last post, where I was at the BlupBlup event and the reason I left early was to get my ass over to Shah Alam at Matsushita Sports Complex to find a proper parking space and to attend this event.

Bon Odori is once a year and this will be my first time attending Bon Odori in KL area. My previous Bon Odori which was like 4 years back was in Penang in 2007. Time flies, and that was the time when i first met the group from Penang.

Bon Odori KL Malaysia

Here was what happened. After the event, I went straight to the Bon Odori festival and got this fan for keepsake. Not bad, a souvenir to bring back. Chin Ann tagged along.

Girls in Yukata

Greeted with the fact that there are many girls and guys here in Japanese costume. Like the above, the girls are dressed in Yukata, though I ain’t sure if they were Japanese though. As it was a Japanese festival, my first thing that came to mind is, ahhhhh FOOD. Too bad I didn’t get anything much that day as I was broke. Only had RM20 in my wallet, I could only afford this.

Unagi Don

Unagi Don for RM10

At least my stomach need to eat first before we carry on exploring the whole place. Then there was a sign board which was promoting Japanese tourism. There was even a model there for anyone who wanted to take photos or take together photos.

Bon Odori Model FOr Shoot

Of course, I don’t think that she is Japanese. People though have been saying I look more Japanese, so what happened if I were to stand side by side. That’s what I did.

Japanese Photo

Now who looks more Japanese? TADA!! My body got cut from this photo. Chin Ann must have been focusing more on the girl. Ishhh…

Anyway dance was about to start, the performers are making their way into the stage. Look at their excited faces and the crowd of people waiting to take photos. Simply overcrowded.

Excited about the Dance

What stage do I mean? Have a look next.

Drum on Stage Bon Odori

That’s the stage, few drums and the performers are basically kinda young. Yes, I know maybe you’re all thinking that I am old, not that they were young, but they’re like age less than 20. etc etc etc… Just look at the whole group of them next.

Bon Odori Performers Group Photo

Shot using my trusty Nikon D40 (yes I brought 2 camera bodies there. This one for wide shots), the whole performer posed like never before with hundred of cameras flashing before them.

Peace Sign from Girl Performer

One of the girls looking my way after I brought up my zoom. Peace…. V ^_^.

Guy Performer

One of the good looking guys that I took on purpose. (Not for me to view, more for the girls to ogle over. Now please wipe off that saliva of yours)

Finally the dance started midway thru the program. Nothing to take to see but more of how the spectators and visitors of this event acted instead. I do tend to look in a different perspective.

Super Enthusiast for Shooting

I can hear her saying,

I ish can video and take photos, lucky I ish can have people carry me.”

You’re lucky you’re small size compared to the guy.

Senior Performers

Stayed there for quite some time and there were indeed senior members that were invited for the dance too. The dance is enjoyed by many people and I can say Japanese culture is like a part of them here. While most people concentrated on the dance, I had another look around and this time took a photo of a cute little girl…..

Child in Yukata

in Yukata. So cute eh, the lighting also helped when the sky was dark. She was eating Rocky.

Princess Yen who was away on another event earlier finally arrived and she had the same food I had. Unagi Don… (thumbs up) and after finally filling the stomach, it’s time for us to remember the day we were here.

Princess Yen Bon Odori

One for the album.

DanielCtw and Princess Yen Bon Odori

Nice right? Darn my eye bags. This was what I told her earlier that day (roughly)

Dan: You know, if I were to dress in a Japanese costume, people might have mistaken me for a Japanese.
: Ya, seriously. If only we were able to rent a costume before this event.
: But then, people will come take photos with me. It’ll be weird & talking to me in Japanese. Should try that next time. Hehehe…

It was indeed a hectic day both for Princess Yen and me. We finally left early and had our dessert at Snowflakes after that.

Snowflakes Best Seller Taro Balls



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