Sensuala Calendar Girl 2010

Lingerie shoot? Sensuala? What does all these mean?

Well, Mist Club is once again organizing a party and it’s been 6 months since I last step into Mist Club due to the buzzing sounds of busy-hood in the working world. Now that I am back from my trip to Bali I guessed, I could start this year with another bang.

I opened my email just 3 days ago, and I got an email which said that I was invited to the party. Yes the party is for the Sensuala Calendar Girl Search. Hmmm… until they mentioned I have to do some things to be invited. So now that I did, give me those Sensuala Wacoal Calendar Girl 2010 Mist Club invites.


Anyway I’ll be doing lots and lots of photo editing once I get to finish my pending office job. Darn…. If only there weren’t such thing as work.

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