Food Tasting at Traffic D’light Cafe

It was around March, where Daniel was one of those going to go for a food gathering with a bunch of bloggers at a location situated near Bandar Utama. This place is none other than Traffic D’light Cafe and invited by Feeq. It’s been quite some time since I did a food review as a previous plan was to open a new food blog with a newly acquired domain but, looks like food are here to stay.

Site note : This post will be picture hungry, so do click the read more if you want to view more photos of food. No compensation would be given for anyone suffering from Food Drooling Symptoms.

There are at least 30 bloggers there, and yes, there are many of them there and eating here and there. From here onwards, prepare for mouth watering dishes. Word of information, there will be pork dishes so it’s gonna be tasty.

Traffic D'light Cafe

Yup, the cafe is on the upper floor above Carrefour Express.

First the starters, 30 bloggers sharing few glasses of Jasmine Tea.

Traffic D'light Jasmine Tea

The Jamine Ice Tea is not too sweet, what a thirst quencher. Looks like beer though from this photo.

Traffic D'light Fruit Drink

Next we had a combo of mixture of fruits in a drink. Now can you imagine how these 3 glasses can be tasted by 30 people? Separate glasses? Nope all from the same straw. LOL

Traffic D'light Drink Tasting

My Turn! My Turn!

Moving on to the next starter. A dessert the locals called ABC (Air Batu Campur) or Mix Ice Ball.

Traffic D'light ABC

Simply a relieve to have a drink of these starters when you’re staying in a hot and humid country.

Traffic D'light Ice Blended Drinks

More drinks to quench your thirsts. As can be seen, it’s really a food review.


The final quencher and a remarkable food of the country, it’s green, it’s icy, it’s the Chendol (cendol).

Finally some food to view.

Traffic D'light Kerabu Sotong

Kerabu Sotong is basically squid with a tad bit of Mango to put that sour taste on it. A little bit spicy, it’s a Thai delicacy. If you’re into some sweet and sour light snack, the Kerabu Sotong is for you. Though you definitely got to be careful of the spiciness of this.

Traffic D'light Milk Butter Prawn

Next to come up, the Milk Butter Prawn dish. Hmm.. yes they did serve us 3 plates of this, only for the people to finish the prawns and not the rice. Superb and what a grand taste of butter.

Seafood done. What’s next? Chicken!!!!

Traffic D'light Marmite Chicken

Yes, one of the main dish, the Marmite Chicken served with rice. Same effect on the rest with rice, the rice didn’t get tasted. Though Daniel here had a time eating a few of the rice. The marmite chicken is practically delicious. The sauce is not too dry and with sesame seed for seasoning.

Traffic D'light Chicken Wing

Of course, chicken dishes won’t be completed without the dish of Chicken Wings. Served with Thai Chilly and fried with their special spices, this is one dish where you can say finger licking good.

Traffic D'light Boxing Chicken

Not your average chicken, it knows how to box. Drummets served with the same chilly sauce. The chicken is so tender. Gonna have seconds.

For a group of 30 bloggers, you would think that’s more than enough to feed them. Perhaps, but it doesn’t. Especially when bloggers love and enjoy food, they just go to have more. How do they react? Here’s how.

Blogger asking for more food

Hitomi says, “I hungry oh, got more food or not?

So persistent, the boss wonders how these small size people eat so much.

Traffic D'light Kitchen

Boss : Okay Okay!!! Guys I want you all to cook superb dishes. The bloggers are a hungry bunch!

Oh my, I wonder what do we have upcoming next? Especially for someone like me who loves eating.

Traffic D'light Steam Prawn Mee Hoon

Ahhhh!! Definitely one of a kind. The gravy with prawn taste makes my mouth watered, The big sized prawns makes it delicious. For a person like me who loves to eat prawn, this is definitely one of my favorite food here.

Finally some PORK dishes.

Traffic D'light Supreme Braised Pork

Supreme Braised Pork, you just got to try it. I would order 2 plates of this.

Traffic D'light Special Sauce Pork Rib

With people craving for more meat, pork is the next one and yes, it’s pork rib in special sauce known only to the staffs at Traffic D’light Cafe.

Traffic D'light Fermented Bean Pork Rib

More pork rib dishes. Only this time it’s in another sauce and gravy. Cooked with Fermented Beans on Pork Rib.

Traffic D'light Black bean Pork Rib

Another must have. The Black Bean Pork Rib is not only best when served hot, it’s tasty.

After all the meat, it’s time for some light snacks once again. My first sight of it made me think that it is French Fries but I was wrong. The next dish is ….

Traffic D'light Salted Egg Pumpkin

Salted Egg Pumpkin!!!. What glorious food I’ve tasted here. The cafe is actually newly opened about a few months back. I would definitely come back here again.

Finally it’s time to meet the bloggers. Note : Pictures below are not mine.

Blogger Guys Traffic Dlight Cafe

Group of Bloggers

I thought there are 30? Yup, a few of them left earlier and as such these are just the few shots I got from other bloggers.

My reviews

I love few of the signature dishes. Food tasted good, with a few tasted superbly unique and rarely found elsewhere. Definitely a go-go.

Now talking about this. Where’s the location of the shop?


Traffic D'light Map

Traffic d’light Cafe
1-10, Dataran Pelangi Utama One Avenue,
Jalan Masjid, PJU 6A,
47400 Petaling Jaya, Selangor.

(Above Carrefour Express, 1st Floor)
(Near One-Utama Shopping Centre)

Contact No: 03-7729 3245
Website: It seems that this place has closed down
Operation Hour: Daily from 11.30am – 12.00am

So anyone here game for another round?


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