Food Bloggers Makan Session

A few days ago, I had an invitation to attend this early makan session with the foodies or what most people refer them as food bloggers. Well, I enjoy food as well, and it sure was great to have this great company of people.

All in all, there are a number of Malaysian foodies which attended this ‘makan’ ala eating session initiated by and what a better place to do it at Carlsberg, Shah Alam who is one of their partners. Hmm.. what actually interest me to go for this event was the courtesy of the staffs in TheQguides and also the unlimited beer.

Daniel Greeted By QGuides
If I am not mistaken, this is Alex.

I first went in and saw, wow nice place for a gathering. I was greeted by a few member of the staffs of TheQguides and had a chat to get to know the team. Well, it was worth it. At least it was good that they are efficient in their people handling. Then I was thinking, now where’s the food you guys promised me. Instead they got me this.


Then if it wasn’t enough, they got me this too.

Carlsberg Gold
Carlsberg Gold

The intoxification of these to get us into a feeling that whatever they say, we will concur. Not really. They’re a bunch of nice people with a taste for beer.

Of course, how can you call this a food blogger gathering without food. So on with the food and yes the rumbling of the stomach.

Food Display

Hmm.. local Malaysia dishes. Local but still fit to eat.

Eating Session

I give my thumbs up. Look at all of us go at the food. Oh that’s Wilson and Jason over there, fellow bloggers.

The after our feast, Jek Tan, co-founder of, gave a presentation about what does the team plan to achieve and more about them. They really have an interesting concept.

Upcoming features of are what every food crazy people would do *okay not everyone but mostly, errr me…* That’s because I get to make table reservations online and even get rewarded for dining out * This is the obvious plus point, you get rewarded just because you ate* . I think what every food finders, bloggers would do is to look at a site to find a certain review on food, and that’s what their food portal is all about too.

I believe it’s a great idea. Now to psyche those people’s brain and what better people to do it then the man himself, Jek Tan.

Jek Tan Positive

We Can Do It!!! I believe we can! See the enthusiasm of this guy.

Now how can I forget Carlsberg that provided us with unlimited beer, shandy and other liquor from the same brand. To top it off, a Liverpool fan is always a Liverpool fan and what more the sponsor of such a club. (What’s that supposed to mean??)

Finally a pose from the bloggers.

Food Bloggers Photo

What about the rest of the team. Bloggers with team.

Gathering Photo

We just love our Carlsberg goodie bag, don’t we? Alright maybe because I look exceptionally well in this photo.


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