Korean Kimchi Hungy

A few weeks back, I tried my second helping on the same Korean restaurant I had my dinner. Yes, where else to eat authentic or maybe Korean made food other than the place in Ampang opposite Ampang Point. One of the finer points of eating in the korean restaurant, you must definitely try the beef or they call it Bulgogi (불고기) . Well, too bad though if you don’t eat beef .

Bulgogi Korean Beef

Of course that wasn’t what I just ate. How can it be enough for the 4 of us. Here’s another shot of it. Sometimes showing less is better.

Korean Food

Do you see the Soju on the top right of this photo. It cost about RM15 per bottle. I think I enjoyed eating KimChi too in a korean dish. Darn, I am hungry, as a matter of fact, I just had Korean Noodle for dinner. Ironic…

I haven’t been posting food topics for awhile, maybe because I love to post sceneries. Who knows, I might make a comeback on food.

Of course, to see more food and the others that we ate, Alvin Chew did a great post on it.
Old link at http://chewygummy.net/blog/2008/12/zoo-negara-1/

Update 9 April 2014: The link to Alvin’s blog is not valid anymore and has been taken off for SEO purposes.


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