Farewell to Stacy-san

It was 2 weeks ago, we had a farewell for Stacy-san, one of my fellow Japanese class coursemate. Well, seeing how close all of us has become, we decided to have a farewell lunch after class with our Sensei or rather せんせいおしろう and also of course Stacy.

Japanese Class Food Gathering in Pavilion

It’s a restaurant in Pavilion and the food’s not bad as you can see we each have our filling with all the dim sum and stuffs. But what food, now that’s another story. A review would be written in the coming future (hmm… let me think about it first). But since this is all about the farewell of one of our classmate, here’s to Stacy who would be going to Japan to live with her husband.

Japanese Class Stacy Group Photo

All the best there Stacy, do keep in touch with all of us. 🙂

ps: Thanks to my fellow guest bloggers who helped in a way or two to ensure that my blog is not empty during the week I was away and to the readers who visit my blog while I was away 🙂

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