Restaurant Tung Jing

danielctw has more food to show you all wahahaha… hungry mou??

More food. You know, everytime I search the Internet looking for places to eat, they always give me PJ or Subang area or somewhere far. Well, what about areas in Cheras. It’s very hard to find places to eat around Cheras which are considered unique. OK lah… I complain too much but I work around there sure lah wa want to find place eat there lor.

Everytime after lunch, finding a new place to eat is not easy. But once somewhere new and nice was found, ho ho… means it’s time for food review. If food no nice, then no review lor. If food nice.. sure got review.

Where’s this place?

Location: Tmn Midah, Cheras
It’s located on the shophouses lot facing the main road. It’s on the same row with Maybank.

So what food they have here ah?

“Sui Gao” noodle Tom Yam flavor

This sui gao is full of prawns. This bowl cost me RM5.50 but it’s definitely worth it. You can imagine I drank the whole soup too. ho ho…

Well, other than this sui gao noodle, there are others too, but then this is their “chiu pai” dish. So of course I believe this is the best thing to eat here. They also have all those other “siew mai” dumpling for those who loves eating side dishes. Not bad, especially the “Tse Chuan” siew mai. So when you all want go makan, I bring you lor. Just have to pay the bill.. ho ho.. kidding nia..

ps: Picture quality not as good, coz I am using my phone to take those shots.


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