Sunway Steamboat

Yes, most of you would have guessed that the previous place was in Sunway Pyramid.

Here’s some explanation to the snow thingy! The snow only falls at random times, though I must tell you, it isn’t snow. But it felt like snow, basically you just have to be there to see what it is. Don’t expect snow though, too expensive to be done there.

Hungry People

It was funny watching their expression as they wait for the steamboat to arrive. And yes, it’s finally here.

Goat Meat

Tender meat, goat’s meat. 羊肉. Since it’s buffet style, we ordered lotsa food. Though we need to personally ask for the goat’s meat since because if it’s out there, it’ll be gone in a jiffy. Pity those customers who doesn’t know about this.

Well, that is one of those many other buffet food which includes crabs, prawns, jellyfish, fish (lotsa bones), mussels, clams, etc. The price is right too, it’s only RM20 per person.

Full but still eating

I’ve eaten many prawns, just show how much food is on the table still. Greedy people, but in the end finish too. Should have more food gatherings like this.



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