Journey of Life on Earth

There are times we look upon our past endeavors, relishing our old self and wonder what have we done for the past years. As we Journey on our life on Earth, we find ourselves thinking did we do good or did we finished what we all started? Sometimes questions like this goes into one’s mind and unknowingly, you don’t really know what to do.

Once awhile while listening to the sweet sounds of birds chirping in the air when you wake up early in the morning, you’ll wonder. Why is the day so beautiful? If only it could last longer and melodies of ones life is as sweet as a birds song.

For until it all, there are many things to think about, for we as humans are never satisfy with what we have and always wanted more. Some call it unwanted wants, while the most appropriate word would be greediness. It dawned upon me, that after going through life as a child, a kid, a teenager, a young adult, that as time goes by, responsibilities start pouring in no matter whether one likes it or not.

As a child, all we ever wanted was to play and get to meet our friends in school. Problem then was we all have to face our exams in school. Same goes to while we’re teenagers, undergoing puberty, learning to accept that the opposite sex that we once roughed together is seemingly different and attractive to the eye.

As time goes by, we go into college, universities, polytechnic to ensure we have a build up to our career. Sometimes regretting what we did during our studies, we don’t get to be what we wanted to be like our ambition back then. As time goes by, minds start to mature. People see things in a different way. There are still fun and games like how it used to be, but fun is now derived simply with a means for getting back our childhood memories.

Aside from just fun and games, people will start to think how to

– manage their finances
– the problems each family faces (when parents get old or did I earn enough to help finance the house)
– relationship (is she/he the one whom I am looking for, what if… )
– work (What will my future hold if I am still in this job? What will it be like if I am 30 and fresh graduates come out and the skill I am having now is just the same like them)
– future endeavors (can I get a nice home to stay with, will I be able to support my children, should I quit this job for the sake of my love ones). There are like it seem more things to think about as time goes by.

One can be wacky, one can do a lot of things and live to not regret it. While after all, we only have one life to live and so live your life to the fullest. Is not everyday we’re 16 or 21 or 50 or 80. It’s only a year once.

It’s to this point, sometimes simple thoughts are not just enough to constitute the magnitude of the complications of getting older. It scares me, the writer of this column too to know that I too am getting older as we see the years go by like a twinkling of an eye. For each passing day, things change, technology change. As technology changes, demands of better work quality are more as expectations are higher.

So think about it. If life could be simple, there won’t be so much heartache. It is as if there’s a way to sleep it all away. Though there’s no way we can put off technology in our life. Without technology there’s no Internet, there’s no way to communicate with other parts of the world instantly. Though with technology, gone are the ways of the old tradition. Snail mails are getting obsolete, live plays are not as enthusiastic as it used to be (people who do attend these plays expect more) and lots of new methodologies are incorporated.

For now, it feels like are you actually reading Weird Weird Denial which usually produces posts about his life, travel and photos. In case you’ve just arrived, do know that existed with writing posts such as this. Do refer to some of my thought provoking ones below.

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