Spring Cleaning

Haha!! Spring Cleaning.. err… though I wonder if it’s even feasible to use this word here. Cause in this hot and humid country Malaysia, there’s of course no Spring.

Talking about spring always reminds me of Perth. Haha.. anyway let’s get back to topic. Today was a tiring day, didn’t realised that I haven’t move my back for awhile that doing some house cleaning is really like ages. (for me actually)

Imagine shifting the tables here and there, moving the chairs and also mopping the floor, ya I know I hardly do those chores since I usually back late and wake up late. Only on weekends that I get to experience something else. Some people say that once you started work and if your work time is way beyond the normal working hours is like no life. There’s no life to mingle around on weekdays with work hours until 8 to 9 or sometimes 10pm. Maybe that’s why I should start going back earlier.

I think it’s due to me being not obligated to something. Dang, today another Saturday wasted. It’s still raining.. Crapszzz…


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