Life Expectations

a Leo is a Leo no matter where he/she goes
they take lives journey as a challenge before their eyes

People Perspective on Life Expectations

People expect people to be what they are and how people perceive they are. Sometimes it’s funny, why on earth that people are actually people.

Sometimes we don’t know the answer. Sometimes we think we all have a reason to live for. But what’s the real reason? Some live because they look for a better future, while some live with the knowledge of a better place after death (religion), while some live blindly saying that since this is my only life on earth, I should live life to the fullest.

hsinchu travel day 2

So.. which one are you? So anyway, it doesn’t matter which one you’re living for, what matters now is what decision you make in your life predicts the way you’ll be living. Sometimes decisions play an important role in people’s life. A wrong or an untimely decision might somehow create a negative atmosphere around your life. Well, some call it bad karma or bad ‘feng shui‘. I just say that if it happens, it just happens.

For the thoughts, it’s whether or not one makes the right decision! A major wrong decision might scar your whole life with it, while a minor one – one couldn’t care less.

Don’t one wished they could turn back time for all the decisions being made? I wished that too.

ps: I think I wrote once about this, but somehow it’s not related


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