Weird Theory of Destruction of Earth

Scary right the title? Imagine the destruction of Earth, the place we live on. With so many new shows few months back all mentioning about the end of Earth coming one by one.

Though here’s a thought or two for everyone. We all know that sooner or later something big is gonna happen, maybe some kind of destruction that is way serious that we can’t fathom the greatness of it. Well, not something to be in awe though if it really comes. It’s a scary thought or two, but movies like End of Days, Armageddon and the recent one, 2012 brings back into self reality as to what if that day hits us smack right into our face? So what are we going to do then?

Holy Shit Earth Destroyed

Of course, there was a recent series of documentary based on the Mayan calendar that sort of stopped at the year 2012, which scientist and archaeologist predicts it’s the last days and the end of times. So then now we have freaking 2 years more to live. What now? Some secret society is doing some project somewhere to so called save humanity? Problem is what is that disaster that would come?

For religions like Christians, they will know it won’t come by flood as depicted by the movie 2012 as there was a covenant from God to Noah that there won’t be anymore days like this (The Great Flood during the times of Noah). But what will it be then? Meteor strikes? Nuclear? World War 3?

Well, that aside, let’s think about it. Do we have a part to play in this? Yes, first of all, we have to be aware of the things we can do to play a part in helping Earth. How does the Earth live, basically do you know what actually holds the earth crust together? Isn’t it strange that the Earth is like a ball engulfing boiling lavas waiting to burst out anytime? Seemingly scientist has theorized everything and anything to explain how the Earth formed, but what about the other planets? Why were they formed the way it is? Besides why is it that Earth has got us humans to be on it and living on the planet. Strange isn’t it, if you think far beyond what we usually do as in our everyday life chores. Most people would say, if it doesn’t affect me then why think about it?

Ahh…. That’s what most people say about when it comes to politics. What happened there won’t affect me, yes, but if you don’t even bother to know what is happening around the world, your country, basically then, what are you living for? For yourself right? Plain ignorance of the things around you won’t get you anywhere but your own self satisfaction.

Nowadays we see NGO doing a small bit in anyway to help save Earth. Be it, recycling campaign, save our Trees, our forest or save the Animals. Go green, don’t use plastic. These are the current things that people discuss. There was this Earth Day which encouraged users to go off their lights to help save Earth. Basically it won’t save Earth but what it does is that it’s to ensure people know that sometimes it’s not about whether it can actually save our Earth, it’s just part of a small act of gesture to show how much one cares. Besides what have you got to lose, other than you living in darkness for 1 hour. You don’t even need to spend any money unlike other celebrations or some other auspicious days.

Daniel Chew Wonders How The World End?

Daniel has theorized that somehow or surely something is holding the Core of the Earth intact. But what is it? Up till now, all are just theories. What is holding the Atom in our body in tact? Basically many are theories, since our body is made of molecules which could be break up into atoms, what about it? What holds the atom then? Strange isn’t it? Maybe some scientist can tell us, how did atoms come together by itself unlike those artificial fusing?

Sometimes certain things are unexplainable and as humans, we are afraid of things that can’t be explained.

I once watched a movie, where this guy tries to explain every phenomenon with his theories and came up with Mathematical calculations. But in all things, how do you calculate the sun? I meant how does the Sun started burning? Some theorize that it was star that kept burning and burning until there will come a day when the Sun will stop burning. So what does that Sun does? Somehow the solar system here, seems like the Sun is the Nucleus of it. Oh, confusing eh?

Fuhhh… you have read through this article and you still survived it? Kudos then to you. So what message do I want to portray here now? Basically it’s just one of those days with my long long posts, and what I am thinking on my mind right now.

Imagine me asking someone this?

danielctw: Have I gone mad?
Someone: I’m afraid so. You’re entirely bonkers. But I’ll tell you a secret. All the best people are.

Fuiyoh, I must be the best. XD


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