Vaseline Party at Luna Bar

Time to relive the life of what has been happening just a few weeks ago at Luna Bar. There was a Vaseline Party and I was there with my dear Yen. Well, she got the invites. So seeing that it was getting late, I proceeded to shoot some photos of the event.chia

Luna Bar KL Tower

Little did I know was that there was a pool in between the stage and the crowd. Sad case, just when I left my zoom lens at home. Anyway have to make do with an UWA and a portrait lens. For those who are still clubbing they would have known, but for someone like me who has long past the age of the clubbing scene, I didn’t know.

Luna Bar Stage

Strange right, why would guys go to a Vaseline party? Well, looks like Vaseline can be used by both guys and girls but I somehow have this thing against using beauty products. Well, during my time in school, we used to call guys that used beauty and skin care products sissy guys. Those days, image was brought upon to the likes of Rambo, Samurai and the rugged bearded features. Those days, watching television you’ll see heroes all looking like that.

Fast forward to the present, now we don’t even see those kind of guys anymore being portrayed with the occasion of Rocky Balboa and Rambo making a comeback but now we get is metrosexual guys who wants to have clear fair skin. Seriously I couldn’t understand why the sudden change. Anyway that should be another topic. Talking about the event, lucky there was the lovely Jojo Struys to be the emcee for the night.

Jojo Struys

This photo was cropped from very far and lucky it turned out well. Well, later you’ll get more photos of Jojo Struys.

Of course, with a person like Jojo Struys on the stage, all the guys’ eyes were on her. Even girls were not spared.

Looking Towards The Stage

Wondering who is that? Wonder no more.

DanielCtw and Timothy Tiah and Yen

From left: Me, Timothy Tiah and Dear Yen

The only photo I have with Timothy, co-founder of Nuffnang. (I know the photo lighting is bad *sobs*) Remember the photo before this, that’s none other than Dearest Yen. Anyway Nuffnang was the one who gave us the opportunity to go for this event. Definitely a big thank you to you boss Stewie.

In this Vaseline party, met up with lots of bloggers and friends. Glad to meet up with you people. Unlike previously where I was superbly active in attending events and activities, I am now becoming more dormant, preferably sitting at home or having my teh tarik with friends at the local mamak. Must be the sign of getting older and older.

Anyway, recently I have appeared lesser and lesser in my own blog, that’s because I am the one holding the camera most of the time. That’s just made it better because now I would have my hands busy taking photos of people especially Princess Yen.

Yen at Luna Bar

Taken from the stairs. This is the statue of Luna?

Of course, we have guest artiste performing at this event. Yuna went up and sang a few songs including catchy hits like “Cinta Hari Raya” which is one of my favorite songs that night.

Yuna Singing

The only decent photo with a 50mm and shot at f4. As it was getting dark, that’s the best I could do to get a photo of her and the band. Of course, here’s one close shot of her with Yen.

Yen & Yuna

Of course, last but not least, during the start of the show, we have the crowd lighten up a bit with the appearance of Quah Jen Han.

Quah Jen Han

Quah Jen Han cracked me up with his jokes. Not bad, I love his jokes.

All in all what an event it was at Luna Bar. Well, looking back, I am now wondering where did all those Vaseline go at my home that I got from the goodie bag.

Of course, finally got to meet with ShaolinTiger (since he was the official photographer) and took a photo with him.

ShaolinTiger and DanielCtw

Darn I look like a small kid next to him.

To sign off, it’s time to end this with a photo before we go.

DanielCtw and Yen

DanielCtw and Yen signing off with KLCC at the background. Thanks to Shaolin Tiger for taking this shot for me.


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