Celebrating 21s!

Oh hello everyone!

I was going through my usual routine of my facebook checking when I suddenly remembered the brief chat I had with Mr Chew himself the other day. Failed to realise that him “going away next week” was actually this entire week itself! Sorry Daniel. And OH HEY, SAVE ME SOME COCONUTS, MR CHEW! The Malaysian weather is so hot I’m melting in KL!!! 

Can I not tell everyone where Daniel actually is now? I mean, try guessing with the available pictures? And come back again to check whether your answer was correct as well as enjoying his awesome photography and wonder where on earth he actually is climbing trees getting coconuts and all. OK? DEAL? OK.

Anyway, yes, it’s the summer/ winter holidays!!!- depending on which part of the globe you are actually. Them Aussies are escaping the cold whilst the UK people are well, spending their summer time in where else but the very awesome sunny Malaysia! =) July is a busy month. Friends from Australia and UK are all back and it’s been party time for the past few weeks! It’s insane- and that’s because I stayed out till latest 1am. I KNOW RIGHT, I’M SO HARDCORE I STAY OUT AFTER BED TIME. Kidding. Haha.

For one, everyone seems to be celebrating their 21st extravagantly whilst everyone’s around. Mine’s soon! Yes, now you can roughly DEFINITELY know my age. Haha. =)

The first 21st party was at Ecoba. Pretty awesome place for drinking, I guess? I have no idea, I don’t drink but the girls seem to love it a lot. The ambiance was fair. Good food, definitely. Haha, it’s funny you know, most of the parties are basically with most guys ended up being the designated drivers. And those people are just mad, making the birthday girls taking shots and making them wasted/ tipsy! The theme was Naughty or Nice and I went as a nice school girl… because that’s what I am! 🙂

The nice school girl's trying on naughty bike rider's helmet. Hahah.

The nice school girl’s trying on naughty bike rider’s helmet. Hahah.

Second 21st party was just so great… falling on the exact date whenthe BERSIH RALLY was going on. Anyone went for the rally? I was banned from going out thus I missed it. MY FRIEND’S PARTY I MEAN. ;P What a shame though. My parents was just worried there’d be such havoc in KL that everywhere’s affected thus the ban on ME. -_-

The theme was Oscar’s night and I had prepared to go as Daisy from The Dukes of Hazzard. *sigh

Not as sexy as this lah!

Apparently I won an award despite my absence. Hahahahah.

The 3rd 21st party was pretty awesome as well. Bedazzled 21! Everyone’s supposed to have a bedazzled item on them. Poor guys cracking their head trying to come up with any shiny and sparkly accessories! The entire affair was held in somewhere in the Bukit Kiara Equestrian Club. It felt somewhat like an engagement party of some sort, only because the place was mostly decorated in white and there are tables occupied by people beyond family and the close circle of secondary school friends.

Oh the strings of 21st celebrations and the best part of it all, getting the RIGHT presents for the birthday girls! =) I mean, how often do you get smses saying “THANK YOU FOR THE PRESENT, IT’S PERFECT!!!” right? I’m usually bad with getting people presents but I’m glad I got some right this time. After all, they’re for my friends of 6 or 7 years celebrating the first fresh step into adulthood. And yes, they’re all for girls. I’m seriously at loss as to what to get for guys, any suggestions?

Now, considering most of you are around Daniel’s age, you humbugs must be thinking ‘ah, been through, done that’… but hey, isn’t it nice to relive how you celebrated your 21st? 😉 All those crazy moments spent celebrating with the most awesome people in your life… Toasting to adulthood and all the challenges it attracts. Ahhh, I’m considering mine to be a quiet one for most friends would have flown back to their respective studying place and well, family’s not that gung ho over celebrations. We don’t celebrate birthdays at home. =)

How about you? How was your 21st/ are you planning to celebrate your 21st? 😉

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