Face like Crap Running a 12KM Race

So yes, the results are out. The news is also out as to how I fare and my observation of the course. Now to show some pictures of how suffering is the track in this race. All pictures are courtesy of photographers and volunteers of this running Saucony 12km Network Race 2010.

Daniel Chew During The Kick Start

The picture wasn’t focused on me. This photographer takes the pink shorts chick instead of the red shorts hunk guy. Well, girls are more appealing right? But then maybe I was proven wrong. Look at the next picture.

DanielCtw Concentrate on Running

I am very clear. Maybe it was wrongly focused but finally I got my cool face posted up there. Seems like no sweat, and easy, until they have to publish my clear exhausted face on the Internet.

Suffering Running Face

I would really love this photo if my expression wasn’t like going to faint like that. The photo is splendidly sharp and, yes, it’s still the first lap I think. Now who said I don’t have muscles? All those leg exercise really paid off.

What I felt that made me lose my momentum in this 12km run was the dreaded stairs. What stairs? Look at the following series.

Crazy Run Lake Garden Stairs

Now you wonder how damn high it was. 230 steps? or was it 300 steps. These photos can basically summarize how this race is and how suffering it was. Correction : 170 steps… corrected by Mr Chin Ann.

By the way, photos are courtesy of  fook79

More photos are on the way, if any photos are still out there and you see them, do inform me. Would love to keep track of my run.

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