BHP Orange Run 2009 Tiredness

And so it seems it was Easter today. Well, the day when I was running the BHP Orange Run coincidentally that falls on this day. Yes, BHP Run which covers about 11km and at least I find that I did it better than the time when I was running in the Zoo Negara which was only 9.4km.

Orange Run 2009
The Curve, Mutiara Damansara
April 12, 2009; 7:30am
Organised by BH Petrol

To say the least, the run was fun with lots and lots of participants. For the first time, I don’t feel as tired when the time I ran at Zoo Negara as I paced myself for the first 3 km only to lose my footing at some curb which made me walk later on for awhile. Still managed to go 1 hour unlike those winners which do 40 minutes. Nevertheless it was fun running again. At least better than sitting in front of the PC whole day whole night. Now this is what I call a sport, unlike badminton and others which are just treated as a game.

BHP Orange Run Redemption Counter

I was there, and met up with Kyuzo, an ex-colleague and friend who went running together. Well, this time I got to say he wins me in terms of stamina. I have a lot to catch up I think. We maintained pace until the final 3 – 4 km, he went on his own. Thus my journey started there and then. This track to my experience has a lot of uphill and downhill slope which I find I do better on the uphill run. Well, maybe due to my light body, I could actually run uphill faster. Also haha.. if you read my friend’s entry, I was a butt chaser too. LoL

The key this time was to wear light. I chose my basketball jersey and a very short shorts to run and right I was feeling lighter as the sweat doesn’t wet my suit and drag me down like it used to during the Zoo run. For those that wants to know the experience of running in this kind of run, you may view the video below courtesy of runwitme.

So what is my next race? What else? The KL Marathon Race would be next.

I am so into this once again. I should improve on my endurance and stamina. Getting a stopwatch would be a good idea.


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