3 Important Weight Loss Choices

No matter the reasons you’ve chosen to lose weight, the options you have in front of you can be daunting and confusing. Rest assured, there is no “one” right answer to fit everyone. If you have decided that weight loss is the right path for you, do your research, talk to your doctor and be honest with yourself about your motivation, limitations and goals.

Running will help in Weight Loss

Diet and Exercise

These two old standbys for weight loss are what most people will tell you works. For some people, changing your diet according to what your body needs instead of what you’re currently feeding it will make the difference you need to shed those extra pounds. This takes some willingness to experiment with your food choices as well as a dedication to keeping a detailed food diary. Changing your exercise patterns can also help like forcing yourself to run in a 12KM rice and registering for it. Some people are more helped by strength training than cardio or find that working out at a different time of day has a more positive effect.


Bariatric surgery or what many call gastric sleeve bypass, can be helpful. This is definitely an area in which you want to pay close attention to what your required participation is as well as what the potential side effects are. If you’re not healthy enough for this surgery, your doctors can potentially work with you on a plan to get to a place where your body can handle this surgery. Be advised: the plan will very likely include a new diet, a new exercise program and possibly even medications. Gastric sleeve isn’t simply a temporary fix, either. It leads you to a whole new way of nourishing your body by using smaller meals to satisfy you. It also requires those smaller meals to be nutrient-dense instead of being just empty calories.

Kenny Overwhelmed by Cypress Tree

Pills and Supplements

Meal replacement alternatives and/or diet pills may sound like easy alternatives to weight loss. You should, however, educate yourself as to the potential pitfalls of these before taking this route. Some of the diet pills on the market have pretty severe side effects or can actually be fatal when taken in conjunction with other medications. Meal replacement shakes or bars can work in the short term, but if you don’t learn about healthy nutrition and change your eating habits you will most likely put those pounds back on. That’s a very unhealthy pattern.

Your doctor can and should guide you through a healthy weight loss plan. While your progress might be slower than what you’d like, remember that since you didn’t put it on overnight, it won’t be healthy to take it off overnight either.

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