Saucony Pacemakers Network Run 2010 Simply Tired

First off HAPPY NEW YEAR 2010 to all readers of Weird Weird Denial. Yes, remember I did say that I would get myself fit for the NEW YEAR RUN which is about 12km and boy, I think I didn’t do that. Nevertheless, I still went to the run and thought that it is just 12km, how hard can it get? Until… I ran the track. I didn’t expect stairs.

3 months after registering for this race, I only had one training which is a non-stop 5km. Then I slept like 2:30am the night before the race. Imagine having 3 hours of sleep and off to the run. It might be dangerous for me too, who knows I might collapse while running “touch wood“. Facing the fact that I am not getting any younger, I think I should actually start doing some training.

The people joining there were magnificent. My goal on the race was fairly simple, TO FINISH THE RACE and from then onwards to motivate myself to start running actively again. I haven’t been joining any race these past few months. Then the results came out.

Saucony Race Results M17-29

Saucony Race Results M17-29

Good first lap and second lap, until the 3rd and final lap, I was practically like, What the heck, I am so slow. *cries in agony* It looks like the result tells me something, never to sleep so late and make sure do your training before any run. Though of course, I did get the COOL finisher medal which was what I was aiming for before the start of the run. A timing of 1:35:28 is way off my personal best of 1:20:56 of my 12km run. CRAPS

To catch more of the action of this run, do visit more on and for more pictures and videos about this run. I will end with a video. Don’t know whether anyone could spot me though.

*hint* : I am the one in the RED shorts.

ps : Anyone wants to do the next run? Night run at Putrajaya!!!!

NEW YEAR RESOLUTION : Run below 20minutes consistently in one lap

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