Flying on Siemens Run 2009

To tell about my experience on the Siemens Run 2009, here’s the recap of what happened. Unlike the one that I took part in KL Marathon, this one is 10km and arguably one of the most organized running events that I’ve experienced. Here are some thoughts on my run during that day.

They have a very good spokesperson to address to the crowd, and when the time says that it’s 7:30am to run, they fired the shot at the desired time, without any delays. Though prior to this run, I didn’t get to train. After the SC KL Marathon, my right leg has a pain near the hips and this let’s me think twice of participating in this Siemens Run. Though, I am glad I registered early for the run, after learning that the first 2000 registrants would receive a running vest. Yes… the running vest was cool.

Getting Ready For The Siemen Run 7am

Was practically getting ready for the race, with my yellow shoes and the nice runing vest. The time was 7 am. Then the signal came about 7:15am and we were ordered to go to the starting line.

Starting Line Siemen Run 2009

There were loads of people, and yes, I was beginning to think what if I can’t beat my previous 10km record. I practically bought a cheapo watch to keep check of my time. The run started at 7:30am, and unwittingly told myself that I would be able to achieve a time under 1 hour, only to my horror, the first 5km, the track was uphill and slope around the road towards Lake Garden.

I began to feel numbness on my leg during the first 3km. I couldn’t take it anymore and I started walking (All due to no practice). Guessed I overestimated myself. Not wanting to lose to my old old self, I kept telling myself that I can win this thing, and just when the finishing line seems near, I see that there’s a big loop that I have to go in order to cross the finish line. Finally did the finishing line within 1’06’27’ and not a bad time. Though really regretted that I couldn’t finished it way earlier than 1 hour.

Siemen Run DanielCtw By Shirley

Photos credited to Shirley at pmtey’s multiply website.

Notice the photos, it was at the 400 to 500m mark until the finish line. This was when I started doing light sprinting runs, the guy with the mustache must be wondering how did I run like that all of a sudden.

Well, last but not least, I wasn’t in the top 100 (they have a time of 49 minutes for the 100th place), so I didn’t get any medal but I did have a finisher certificate and a goodie bag from Nivea. Till my next race at Adidas King of The Road 21km on August 2nd 2009.

Siemen 2009 Run finish


ps : Don’t really have the mood to write, but I felt obligated.

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