Standard Chartered KL Marathon Run 2009 Improvement

Finally after almost a week absence from the world of blogging, I am back again. Well, where was I? I was busy training (hmm.. maybe once) and preparing for the just concluded Standard Chartered KL Marathon 2009 at Merdeka Square (Dataran Merdeka). To me it was something big for me, well, it’s my first major running event. Why so many running events suddenly and why am I taking part? That, I will leave it to next time to explain further. I mean, this is the KL run, and I’ve always dreamt of running.

I took part in the 21km Half Marathon, and I am amazed at the amount of people there. Heard there was like 2800 people for the Half Marathon. That’s a crazy amount of people though. All these while been running the 10km races and now I felt that I have the necessary capabilities to run the 21km. Here was my training regime the past 1 month before this run. 1 day of running 3km and 1 circuit run of 22km at night (a month ago). So how did I do with this inadequate training, maybe I was overconfident, but I ain’t sure I am going to beat my former record of 2 hours 56 minutes during the Circuit Run 3 at Bukit Jalil Park.

I was amazed when I ran 13km non stop and finally I went out of steam after the running to Jaya Jusco Taman Maluri. I guessed there are loads of improvement I can do in the coming races. But all in all, I am glad I finished my race beyond the 3 hour mark.

Name: DANIEL CHEW (MAS) – like I am representing Malaysia
Net Start: 06:13:01 Category: Half Marathon 21km
Net Time: 02:37:33 Position: 1084
Finish Timing: 02:37:33.45

Hmm.. okay, position 1084 doesn’t seem a nice number.Well, at times just have to live with it. Though a timing of 2’37’33 is really something I shocked myself too. Looks like now I can set myself a new target, below 2’30’00 and hopefully by next year (if I do take part again), I can achieved way below 2 hours.

Sidenote : If you would like to know your result and if you’ve participated in this race, do visit the KL Marathon Site stated here.

Of course the most important thing for this race is to finish it, thus finish it I did. I must thank firewire for helping me take photos after the race.

Else I wouldn’t be able to pose like this.

Look At The KL Marathon 2009

Or even like this…

Victory Pose After Running 21km Marathon

I’ve noticed though my legs are getting BIGGER. Don’t you think so? A sudden improvement of my old photos.

But after all this, I believe maybe it’s because I have something in common with Bruce Lee. Ya, I really mean it. Bruce Lee, don’t you believe it? Let me show you the photo.

Bruce Lee Wax

See the shoes, we both wear them YELLOW. Ho ho ho… Ahhhh… in case you’re wondering who’s the girl behind there, that’s Hannah of HannahVillasis. Those from Malaysia who wants to know her, too bad, she’s from the Philippines.

So what other races next? Here are my schedule.

Siemen Run – 15km 26/7/2009
Adidas King of The Road – 21km 2/8/2009
Penang Bridge Run – 21km 22/11/2009

So see you people there, if you’re taking part.

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