Fun Siemens Run 2011 Report

Just last Sunday I was away, and finally had my run after what seemed like a long time since Standard Chartered KL Half Marathon 2011 which took place at Dataran Merdeka (Independence Square KL). This time on the 25th of September 2011, I took part in the Siemens 10.5km Run 2011 for the fun of it. Well, that is because I will for the first time be running in a proper running event together with my dear Miss Yen.

Siemens Run 2011 Starting Point

Once again, armed with only his HTC Hero he finally ran the whole course. What is his timing this time? It is 1 hour 34 minutes. Yes, basically it is 1’34’39. Slower than how I used to run? Not really, I was just testing my stamina on this one and this time it is totally different. Why is it different. I get to run along with …. JENG JENG JENG… *drum roll*

Siemens Run Daniel and Yen

Dearest Yen. Ahhhh… finally after finishing the run. So now you know. That’s what I have been busy with. Preparing for the run together. At least something worthwhile doing. I am lucky cause I get to run with her for this run, well, at least doing activities together to ensure both of us keep ourselves fit and healthy and also it is a good practice.

I wonder, when will my next run be? We both ran and walked along the track, though our time might not be great, it was still better than some of the other participants who were actually slower. I am impressed with Yen as she was able to keep pace with me at certain areas where I tried to push her into running and jogging, constantly motivating her to run at times.

What I have learnt from this is that it is not about running fast or slow, it is who you run with. Of course, I think I will limit myself to 10km whenever there’s a 10km run.

PS: So far so good, she already ran two 10km run this year. I am gonna push her to run 3 runs next year.

pss: Wish me luck. *pooof*

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