Life Now Lesser Income

I just realized I am not saving like I used to. Looks like it’s time for me to ponder and maybe don’t go for any other trips and DSLR poison for the coming months and days.

So no more lending money already, I shall start to collect back in these coming days. Not going to go out too often too. Seems like I am suffering. Maybe I am, maybe I am not. So I guessed it’s back to the drawing board as I try to make my personal blog hit the top rank in order to support my expensive hobbies and escapades.

So I hope people can support my website as you visit my sponsors and also in return I shall write posts to entertain you.

Today’s agenda

Just back home after a grueling tired badminton match and also a late dinner. I am so not fit as I used to be. Haven’t been writing this kind of entry for awhile. Some people love to read this kind of entries as it portrays originality and also they love to know what is happening in one’s life. Though some say it’s too boring. So in a dilemma, I shall solve this by putting a small section of what I thought in the small talk. Parents also back from Langkawi, finally some order in the house.

Found out paying bills the hard way, as all of a sudden income depletes faster this month. Wonder why?

Rather I guessed the following comic sums my life up as a programmer.


Don’t you partially agree?


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