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Google has done it again on November. How silly of me to not noticed it once again. Well, when I was checking the Page Rank or PR for short on my Weird Daniel blog, I realized it had dropped once more again from PR2 to PR0. I was like shocked for a second. I mean, what’s with this new update. Anyway, due to the Page Rank of my old blog has dropped to Page Rank 0, I find it meaningless to continue blogging from there. Might be because of the complication of the same first name with my dotcom.

On A Personal Note

Anyway, I’ve thought of deleting the blogspot blog altogether and fully concentrate on paid domains instead. What say you? *back to topic*

What Has Google Done Again?

It seems Google has started a new algorithm again on the last update previous month on November. How silly of me not to notice it, well, how would I notice since this blog still maintains it’s PR without ever rising or dropping. I guessed I have been missing from the Internet world once more, and with this new update it seems that there are more and more people complaining of it. Oh yeah, for those that got lost, there was also a previous update on Page Rank in October.

Read more of it on Previous October Page Rank changes
Google PR October 2007 » Weird Weird Denial

What I think about Page Rank?

Well, I believe Page Rank is now over-rated. Or rather with the new algorithm, I would based my thoughts that the Page Rank of PR5 previously is somewhat of a PR3 this time around. Well, I wouldn’t be surprised at all. Which means it is definitely harder to get your PR higher this time around. Looks like it’s back to SEO for me again. This time though it’s not about selling paid links or anything like that. Well, how can it be when you find that sites that don’t sell links get penalized too. Up till now I am still looking on it.

What’s the next Rank now?

Well, some people are trying to come out something as equivalent as Page Rank and from what I heard it’s called Real Rank. Well, you can have a read about Real Rank from :
IZEA Blogs :: Community: Getting started with RealRank

Till then I need to check out more stuffs on Page Rank and it’s complication. Looks like it’s time for me to recheck all stuffs again.


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