Spirit of Christmas

In the spirit of Christmas, I have decided since many people are making their blog theme shifting towards Christmas, what about me??? Yes, being Christmas season is drawing near, I have decided to create my very own header in lieu of Christmas. So it nearly took me like 2 hours to do that, I know, the reason it took so long it’s because I need to find the perfect photo. I am slow… Guessed I need to work more on my design and color schemes.

So what does Christmas means to you? Is it a celebration for the fun of it? Where people exchange gifts and buy gifts here and there? How about Santa Claus and Santarinas *heehee* . Well basically Christmas to me means celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ – that’s how the name Christmas came out from ma!!! Well, but funny though, who made this day to remember his birth, that really comes to a point for people to ponder.

Why on 25th December? Why is it that one should celebrate his birthday? He never tells people to celebrate his birthday! Well, just a thought to ponder about.

Anyway stay tune for the food post coming right up. What food?? Heee… that’s for you to find out! 🙂


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