Google Glitch PR0

After like a few months, all of a sudden, I checked my Google PageRank and guessed what, my PR was 0. What the heck?? It happened right after Valentines, and I was like, “Thank YOU Google for doing something weird and not even logical at all”.

In the case of a big Internet ‘God’, you can do all you want, but reading some of the other entries on other blogs, google might do that to stop competition as maybe one day they feared that they will be taken of the road. If google continues this way, everyone will start to treat Google Page Rank as something unimportant and I am sure people will start to rely on Alexa Ranking and also RealRank.

I am also immortalised at certain sites which have no contents but lotsa google adsense ads running but have PR3. Now this is crappy, I wonder how good a content should be to qualify for a  PR3 rank. I guessed their algorithm still has a long way to go. If this goes on, I am so gonna pro-Yahoo back again as the preferred search engine.

For now, I can just hope it was a glitch at my site, as when I check my pagerank to some of the datacentres, I also got PR7, which is really really weird. So Google, could you look into this matter, if you wanted to give me PR7, dun frighten me. Thanks a lot.

Signing Off!!!!!!


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