Birthday & PC Fair

3rd August has already passed!! It’s time to move on… I am now like 4 days older.
Yes! Danielctw has gone older and wiser.

What did I do for my birthday? Just ate dinner with my family lor.. Family comes first. =P Then then then on weekends then only go outings. Those who have read Ichitaka‘s blog can understand the full story.

Well, anyway, how my own version. Saturday was like went to the Curve to meet up with a group of them. It was a double celebration for both me and one more member of the gang, that is YL. Both are august babies mah…..

Was thinking…. since we’re at the curve, why not a movie at Cineleisure? Don’t wanna waste my time to go Wan Utama. It’s so so so the far ok? Waste time, besides I get to read books at Borders while waiting for the movie to start. HOHOHO… Dang… I really love reading! Too bad I’ve got no more new novels at home. All my books on the shelfs all habis baca liao.

Let’s see, let’s see.. so in the end watch again Transformers which was still as cool as ever. Though this time with better audio effects compared to the time I was in Midvalley GSC. The floor was shaking too at certain scenes. This is a must have effect. Nice sound system, ok ok wat. And….. There’s MEGAN FOX too!!!! WAHAHAHHAHAHAHA

So, I think nothing much to mentioned on that day, then it’s finally PC Fair visitation day on Sunday. What did I get there? 2Gb Kingston Data Traveler Thumbdrive, Asus Laptop, Camera Tripod, 1Gb Kingston PC2700 DDR400 RAM. Ok, this might sound greek to some, but then if you want to know computers, you’ve got to learn to differentiate products by model name and version.

Dang, it’s a working day today! I just wished that more weekends could come along. For a time there, I think it’s good that some of my post are just plain text. I’ve had emails sent to my[at]gmail[dot]com requesting me to write more text. So here you have it.

But then I think I can include one small photo for this likely post. So here you have it now!! =P The many many people in PC Fair. OMG OMG!!!!!! It’s super super cramp ok… Can suffocate if you’re stuck in between those tall tall people. HAHAHA!!

PC Fair Crowd


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