Kuala Lumpur Photography Festival 2008

It’s at least 2 weeks after the event of Kuala Lumpur Photography Festival 2008 and the reason why it’s that late due to the fact, I didn’t really take much pictures. The crowd was way too many and with all those cameras in front of me, most of my shots need to be cropped. Well, I even need to raise my hand up to get some shots….

Well, here are the photos. I’ll let you people decide.

Best Portrait Shot of KLPF Model

I seriously love this shot the most. Well, the only one which I can properly focus on.

Model in KL Photography Festival
Camera Promotion

Portrait Model KLPF
*no sparkles*

The following day, Amber Chia did make an appearance and I didn’t go. After experiencing the crazy amount of crowd with no place to hold my camera at all.


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