PC Fair 2007 Escapade

“The eagle has landed, I repeat, The Eagle has landed. “
Haiyoh….watch too much war movies these few days. Those old old war movies, some of them in black and white.. Well, from WW2 till some alien war. Well, it was a hype last time making war movies after the WW2 era.

Ok…back to this week of PC Fair. 0.o The amount of people….haiyoh, even on Saturday is like ants running through the forest grounds. Well, thought of getting my laptop, RAM, All in One Modem (includes router, modem, wifi) but seems like not even a place to stand in front of the booth. The place is pack. I think I prefer going back to LowYat to get my IT stuffs.

Microsoft even had a booth there. I think it’s a bid by the ‘powers’ to say we don’t support piracy, please support original softwares like MS Office, MS Windows Vista. Well what can I say, no more pirated softwares in software sellers around KL. Dang, not that I support piracy, but imagine using an original software at home for documents for RM200-500. Sometimes is illogical, the States are much more reasonable, they should have a unified price without conversion.

Since PC Fair is held around KLCC, why not just walk around the area? Anyway in PC Fair that day, I think the only thing I paid was for one online game which cost RM2 which I don’t think I will even play. Well, kinda pity the sales girl talking to me so much convincing me nice game to play and an interesting one. (haha… soft spot liao…leng lui somore…so mai help her lor… =P)

Intel should pay me for helping them do some advertisement. At first I thought just take it all for the fun, then read it, Great Computing starts with Intel inside. Then put it on the t-shirt…hahaha…sorry I am trying to think of a cold joke here.

Looks like another day only I can get my IT supplies.


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