Take Photos Like Mad

You know you’re crazy over photography when you do things or rather take photos at certain angle or rather that you’re always following time and location of things.

What do I mean by that? Take for an instance, when I was in KL Photography Festival 2008. I practically have to fight my way through to get a nice shot out of the models. Here’s how the crowd looks like.

Cameras In Action

The amount of cameras… All holding their DSLR just to capture this hot model. Well, Basically you can call it, errr.. why not make use of one’s camera. What they all have in mind, they just love photography I guessed or rather what they could take photograph with it.

Sexy Pose For Camera

And if it wasn’t enough, you also have the licence to take photos, imagine taking model photos where they will willingly pose for you all because you have this big cameras. Willazz, these ass shots are for you. XD

But look at the photographers, darn lot of guys eh… until I usually hear that guys take model shots because they are horny toward girls, but then that’s a wrong concept. You see if that concept is right, then how do you explain the next photo.

Girls Flashing Their Cameras

Nice lens…. Nice contour… woops… So photography ain’t not just guy’s hobbies. It’s anyone who has the interest in it.

People who loves photography also casually look at their own cameras to study photos, seeing whether the photos were exposed, how they can improve on their shots, and whether the settings are all right. Doing it until they feel that…

Sony A200 User

Ahhhhh….. this is the shot I love, my shots so nice… I must be super good with my A200/D60/400D. Thank you my wife” – wife refers to the camera.

LOLOL (Yes, they say DSLR users treat their cameras like their wife or rather to those that are married, as their concubine) How true this statement thus far, just try and ask any DSLR user (unless that fella is a freaking rich person who can afford lotsa cars or just too much money to spend)

DSLR users have a unique way of taking photos. Most of them have the ability to squint their eyes. Unlike most other photographers. What do I mean by that? The photo would do the explanation.

D50 User
I Squint My Eyes To Look Thru The ViewFinder

Now, it doesn’t always have to be that you have a big lens, a big DSLR body to be able to compose a shot. But sadly, people now buy DSLR for the sake of buying them. Sometimes they just use the camera like any ordinary cameras. There are no composition, no proper learning up. But well, as the cameras get cheaper and cheaper, more and more ‘photographers’ are blooming up.

But so that you know, since you have followed me through for all the typing that I have done, you will know that it’s good to be the cameraman, the photographer. You can just snipe away and have some fun shooting.

KLPF 2008 Model

Remember the girl on the second photo. There you have it. Taken at the KL Photography Festival 2008 at Times Square.

Be creative, while taking your photos madly. Because sometimes you never know that some photos will come out extra unique.

You wonder, “Many people that photos must compose the model’s face, I say, be creative, take the back of the head” – WTF?????????

Fashion Fusion 2008 Model
Fashion Fusion 2008 Model

See what I mean..

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