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Lately, I have been thinking of the real purpose of taking photos. I have been going to events and taking random photos of other people which aren’t worth to display other than keeping it for memories sake. From there, the platform exists for people like us (bloggers) to express our thoughts in photos. Though is that really what I wanted?

Seemingly, something has chanced upon me which I find it most intriguing. Ever since I had my Nikon D40 I am deemed a  photo blogger, traveling and taking photos which are deemed fit to be shown to readers and occasional visitors to my blog. I suddenly chanced upon the fact for me to become a News Photographer seems prominent now with a new site for amateur photographers or photo bloggers.

What I am saying is that a site called WeSay, an online news portal is now giving opportunities to photo bloggers out there. Sometimes all you need is  to take photos of the surrounding and environment for submission. Photo Contest is also in the their mettle where photographers get to test their strengths and flaws in the contest to come out with their best respective photos.

I am amaze at the Far Out category.  Especially the macro shots. For a person of my capability, I wonder I could even enter. As as I thought, only a handful of my photos are really worth magazine material. People take 100 shots and get at least 1 or 2 shots that are usable. Not withstanding the amount of other photo shots that are meant to be posted on blogs as they are mostly group photos. One thing though, I think a specific category that I could actually take part is the Environment Category. Well, especially since I used to travel a lot of times during my life as a blogger. What about the photo on my header? Now that would be a good choice don’t you think so?

Though if you don’t win the prize, you can still be the news photographer for WeSay. Imagine your photos published on the web and you can say,

“Darn right that’s my photo piece you’re looking at!!!”



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