Cute and Sweet

It’s been 4 years or is it 5 years since I started my history of blogging. Time goes by, my blog starts to be more specific and title of blog posts are not so random. Though I would like to spoil that method by doing something different for this post. So let’s call this blog post Cute and Sweet. Why??? Read on. Or rather look on.

Just about 3 years ago, I got my first Nikon DSLR and this time I finally got a 2nd unit, thus having 2 DSLR (a Nikon D40 and Nikon D300). I usually bring both cameras for assignment purpose and events. Why Nikon? Is my preference, so don’t talk about any fanboyism of Canon, Sony to me. Okay, how about some points about Nikon first.

Nikon is the leet (slang for superb) because when you see it you’ll think of it.
Nikon is the leet because when you have it, it makes you wanna kiss it.
Nikon is the leet because you cannot stand how good it is till you wanna nibble it.

Finally Nikon is the leet because Daniel Chew says so ROARS~~~ and Yen approves it. =P

Anyway enough about Nikon.

Now let’s talk about my life as a photographer. Sometimes you don’t just need to be going around for events, to take superb and splendid photos. You don’t need a superb gear to take photos. You don’t need to waste time to take photos by setting up gear here and there (though it helps, of course if you have got like so much time to do it and you’re bothering no one), all it takes is just a simple mind. Photos might not be as professional but getting the right angle and framing your subject is very important. Thus says the “Book of God of Photography”, but in Weird Weird Denial, everything goes and this is where you can find the style you love most.

Grandmother story detected! ALERT! ALERT!

Hey hey hey… not that I want to talk a lot about photo taking but I see people start to use DSLR for excessive camwhoring and nonsensical photoshoot. Camwhore is okay but doing it too much really spoils it.

If only I got teeth as strong as diamond that I can bite them. *BITES*

Well, I must say. Now every Tom, Dick and Harry has a DSLR and when you were to go for an event, let’s say a fashion photoshoot, you will see them coming with their gears. I am not looking down on D40, D60 or Canon 1000D or any other entry level DSLR (they produce superb pictures at that price), but I am talking about those people who claimed that they can take nice photos, but using the Auto and Preset Modes on their DSLR.

Seriously I think it would be better to get something like the Canon G11 or the Lumix to take those shots. Same settings, pictures also will turn out nice. Though there’s an argument saying that

But then DSLR can put flash oh???
Aiyoh, Canon G11 also can put flash unit!!!

Some will argue easy for you to say, you can afford a Nikon D300 and pictures usually come out excellent (of course Aaron has a Nikon D700 Ahemz..) but let me mentioned something, Photography by default is an expensive hobby. What do you expect? Be contented with a Nikon D40 all through my life? Now with this argument done, those who argued about this again can’t be helped.

Now now now, but how about those people who can afford high end DSLRs but take photos which aren’t at all nice. One, either they are damn rich and can afford (I’ve got nothing to complain about this one, they have the cash, what can you say) or two, don’t bother saying anything about them.

Reason : Let them enjoy their photos, they usually can’t take criticism.

Conclusion : Whatever gear you have, do be happy for what you have. If you’re planning to go further into photography, expenditure is definitely a necessity. Most important is BE HAPPY.

Now let’s stop talking about camera, and talk about this writer, this blogger, this Weird One, DanielCtw. Yup, unlike most people I don’t know how to conjure up a smile for a photo. Unlike Yen above who is able to smile in front of camera, Daniel Chew only knows how to do what he does best.

He poses. Do refer this post here during the Nikonian Celebration and also other cool poses all around his other blog posts. (Self promote is a virtue).

Now why again is the post titled Cute and Sweet, when the topic is way out of it. Why?? Easy, cause most people here don’t bother reading all the lengthy words but instead look at pictures. HAHAHAHA!! So definitely is Cute and Sweet.

Aside from that, looks like Daniel will be skipping the Energizer Night Run 2010. Though he’s made up for it by posing with the Energizer Man himself.

Now finally don’t you think the picture is now sweet and cute? XD

First picture is sweet. 2nd picture is cute. Oppps. Signing off!


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